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    Good morning/Afternoon all,

    I'm having a few issues with the Bing and Fitness app lately... I just started using it and found it interesting to track my activity. However, I can clearly say that I can't trust the app at all. I'm wondering if I should use another app or if my device is the problem.

    Here are random issues that I had in the last few days:
    - Some of my progress is saved but I'm losing some data... I usually walk everywhere and want to see how long and how fast I actually get from point A to B. Good to have the map showing up exactly the route I took especially if I try a new path for the same destination, then I can compare which one is faster or which one I handle better. But the path that were originally recorded is now missing for some of my activities which doesn't make any sense... If they were all missing, I would say it's a bug. But the app is just ditching the data for some activities only

    - The most frustrating thing that happens though is that the app completely blanks out. I'm done walking, go into the app, stop the training and... nothing. Sometimes, I can't even resume the app... it says "resuming" but nothing happens. Then, my activity is completely gone.

    Not really reliable for a tracking app...

    I'm on 8.1 DP so that could be the issue. Any one else having issues with this app as well? Any suggestions on other apps to use instead that works fine with the 920?

    07-18-2014 11:12 AM
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    Okay, I think that app is just buggy. I did a few tests over the weekend and the results are inconsistent.

    this morning, I ran into an issue again. After walking to work, I was very careful when stopping the tracker. After loading for 5 minutes, it finally gave me my activity recap. I thought: "cool, it worked this time". Went back to the startscreen and when I checked my emails, I was curious to check the status in Health ad fitness... my activity was deleted once again... even if I followed every steps very carefully. I may be doing something wrong but what? I'll try to hit the "home" button in the app after rendering the recap, that may help. But if that's the issue, then the way the app is designed is just terrible.
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    07-21-2014 08:10 AM

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