1. Sameeris7860's Avatar
    So just kinda started thinking about it after browsing through the forums and reading about people doing awesome DIY to get qi charging built into the AT&T variant of the 1520. I started thinking what if there was a case instead of connecting to the relays on the back, the case plugged into the micro USB port on the bottom to charge via qi charging that way. If you've ever seen the iPhone qi charging cases, I'm thinking similar to that. Has anyone seen a case like that online and if you have links are appreciated

    Sorry I just went from a 920 to a 1520 and really really miss qi charging and rather not void my warranty
    07-22-2014 12:32 AM
  2. Nerdy Woman's Avatar
    I've seen those cases. Basically the case is what is getting Qi charged, then it's charging the phone the old-fashioned way: via the USB port. I haven't seen anything like that for the 1520. They look awfully bulky for small iPhones...

    ATT does offer a wireless charging solution for the 1520, but it's based on the PMA "standard" rather than Qi. The case and Duracell charging pad would run you about $75...

    Be careful when looking for a charging case. The Nokia website has one, but specifies that it is not compatible with the ATT variant of the 1520.
    07-22-2014 12:56 AM

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