1. TrickyDee42's Avatar
    Had 925 for a few months, no problems at all. Friday last (18/07/14) O2 pushed out Cyan & WP8.1

    Overnight charge on Tuesday, morning, phone unresponsive. Reset,(power, volume down) all good. At work 10 mins ago, pressed power to wake phone, unresponsive again, reset required again.

    Phone in perfect condition, not previews installed previously .

    Is this a problem with WP8.1 & Cyan, anyone else having these problems?

    Any advice, hard/soft reset etc, please explain what the difference is, bit of a noob.

    Does seem to crop up on a few forums for this phone, but strange mine has done it twice since update.
    07-23-2014 02:02 AM
  2. Pete's Avatar
    First the hard/soft reset difference.

    Soft reset - same as removing the battery and putting it back in again - this will force any running processes to halt
    Hard reset - same as reinstalling Windows and reinstalling all of your apps - this is used when there's a configuration error or some corruption of system settings that can't be resolved by a soft reset or adjusting settings.

    With Windows Phone 8.1, the hard reset procedure is relatively painless.

    The steps involved are listed here - Your Windows Phone doesn't work or respond as expected

    Take care to follow the instructions regarding backups and you should be fine. It might be an idea to remove your corporate account from your phone before starting a backup so that you add it properly after the hard reset (makes sure you get config settings from Exchange, not from your backup).

    Good luck and hope it gets sorted out for you.
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    07-23-2014 02:14 AM
  3. TrickyDee42's Avatar
    Thanks for prompt response, still like to hear if anyone else having issues.

    Going to monitor for a while if it become a recurring problem then I'll go for a reset & restore.

    On an unconnected note, how great is the swype keyboard
    07-23-2014 05:14 AM
  4. gatorspike's Avatar
    I have been running into the same/ similar problems in the last week or so.
    • Charging - not charging rather
    • Phone locks up on Glance Screen
    • Battery draining too fast

    It is annoying - especially since it was bullet-proof before.


    Oh yeah, swipe kicks ****.
    07-31-2014 06:09 AM
  5. 10curtains's Avatar
    I have no Bluetooth.
    I have been online chat with Microsoft advisor and have been told to use nokia restore tool. I did that last night and downloaded 8.1 via o2 again and still the same problem. As I need Bluetooth I've restored back to window phone 8 again.
    So I'm back using wp 8 and I'm not happy with it. As this windows phone 8 seems different to the version I had before.

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    07-31-2014 06:33 AM
  6. TrickyDee42's Avatar
    Thought all was fine, in from work last night, on charge, check 5 mins later and locked up again, reset required.

    One more and I think full reset and restore will be tried.
    08-08-2014 01:04 AM
  7. waazzupppp's Avatar
    There are actually a ton of reports regarding the "resuming" bug in the Defects thread. I had the same issue with the GDR1 update and had to roll back to the official 8.0 release. I then updated through both 8.0 updates and the first 8.1 update available in the DP program. My 925 was perfect until the GDR1 DP update. After I uninstalled and reinstalled the 8.1 DP update (stopped short of GDR1) the device is running perfect again.

    The GDR1 update has quite a few new features, but it just wasn't worth the resume lag that was happening. To fix it, the only permanent solution is to roll back from GRD1 - at least with the T-Mobile USA version of the device.
    08-08-2014 04:46 PM

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