1. zahir hussain2's Avatar
    Hi buddies

    i downgrade to my lumia 1520 to windows OS 8 Black

    when i check cyan update its does nt shows any thng

    its says ur phone upto date

    pls telme how to update cyan
    07-27-2014 07:11 AM
  2. David P2's Avatar
    Has it been released in your region/and for your carrier (if applicable) yet? If not, then you'll have to wait until it is.
    07-27-2014 07:17 AM
  3. zahir hussain2's Avatar
    im in india its alredy relsd

    bt icnt update to cyan ???
    07-27-2014 11:26 AM
  4. MDK22's Avatar
    If U downgraded, try a Hard Reset, then Check for Updates (don't sign back in, restore after your Update).
    07-27-2014 05:11 PM
  5. zahir hussain2's Avatar
    stil same no updates :(
    07-27-2014 09:15 PM
  6. sstiwari's Avatar
    stil same no updates :(

    Is it Indian version? or from hong kong or some other country?
    07-27-2014 09:17 PM
  7. zahir hussain2's Avatar
    i bought in saudi
    07-27-2014 09:38 PM
  8. Amir Amini's Avatar
    i bought in saudi
    u should wait then! there is no cyan update release for L1520 in middle east yet!
    07-28-2014 04:28 AM
  9. myoujin's Avatar
    07-28-2014 04:42 AM

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