1. Alvaro JimenezCC's Avatar
    Hello everyone! I cant believe Im having to resort to this but does WP Central (or anyone who reads this pretty cool page-if I may add-) have any information on when the Lumia 930 will be on sale with carriers here in Spain?
    We get absolutely no feedback from MSFT or Nokia Spain despite our efforts and only that Media Markt and Amazon sell it (without carrier of course). Ive been waiting for this phone for a month and I cant really believe that Im really anxious for it! (Not a fanboy but really, this waiting is ridiculous!). Had a Lumia 800 which unfortunately commited suicide by jumping out of my hand... Having to go back to my old Motorola was cool for a day or two but a month after I really see that smartphones have much better things to offer than any possible drawbacks!
    Thanks guys, and keep up the amazing work with this community, I see how much more passionate people are with WP (not drones though...) and want to think that its a better option than iOS and Android.
    07-31-2014 02:58 PM

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