1. Dieter Vanmarcke's Avatar
    Hello everybody

    I've shot some videos with my new 930. Unfortunately, I saw that they were not automatically uploaded to OneDrive, as all my photos. This did work previously with my 920.
    If somebody could help me with that that would be great already

    Then I tried to connect the phone to my laptop (HP Envy17-3000eb with Windows 7pro and Win8) but when I plugged it in nothing happened at all, but the phone was charging. So, there was no "connected" sound on the laptop, nor was there a message or notification. Also, in the Device Manager, nothing had changed. So it just seems like there is really no connection.

    Any help would be nice, so I could pull my videos of the phone and put them on my laptop!

    08-03-2014 05:40 AM
  2. Racing Snake's Avatar
    ok, so for video upload:
    settings --> photos+camera --> Auto upload --> OneDrive storage
    tick the box under 'video' which says "Best quality" - it's either that or none at all since there is no further compression of the videos.

    As for the phone connection, sounds like a driver issue, as I've not had a problem.... go to your "my computer" - windows 8 should show the phone greyed out if not connected... right click, remove device.
    Then when you plug it in again it should re-discover it and reload the software back on.
    08-05-2014 10:58 AM
  3. Dieter Vanmarcke's Avatar
    Thanks for the video upload issue help.

    As for the USB connection: there is absolutely nothing happening: it looks like there is no physical contact between the PC and the phone. There is no phone greyed out as there was 'never' a phone connected...
    08-06-2014 12:31 PM

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