1. saJustin's Avatar
    So I have had the lumia 920 with ATT since the day it came out, bought it outright since I was still under contract with my lumia 800. I have been running 8.1DP on it since it came out and love it. I love the phone, between using it for work/office and its amazing battery life, at least 48 hours of use including bt radio in the car, running with gps apps, and emails all day, i was just saddened to see that cyan is taking forever to get and there is no sensorcore :-(. I dont care about camera or screen and purely plan to use this as a fitness device till a new high end lumia comes out.

    So instead of buying a gps/heart rate/pedometer watch i just opted for a lumia 635 and polar H7 heart rate monitor. Took for for a test drive today and I have to say the sensorcore is awesome.

    Bing Health and fitness was a nice app, counted steps pretty accurately though i think i need to update my stride in it, it does set it based on height but I think it might be off a bit.

    Endomondo currently does not support sensorcore which is a bit sad but ok for now since im sure they will update for it soon. I have been using endomondo since i think 2010 on my androids and I would hate to switch apps and lose all my running/workout data.

    TrackRunner is still a bit weird, I have yet to give this a full day of use when running/working out but I plan to soon, this is the second phone I have used it on and the GPS just doesnt want to work well like it does with endomondo.

    GPS, man the gps is quick and accurate, with my 920 the gps data looked like an ekg on a monitor, jumping all over the place, never really that accurate when running, but i got used to it, i guess i shouldnt have cause the gps data on the 635 is almost pinpoint accurate, straight lines and even lines where i crossed the streets from one side to the other.

    Battery life on it is kinda eh right now but im sure if i finish conditioning it the battery will be pretty good. I dont plan on using this as a full time phone, only for health and fitness apps, i know there are other sensors one could buy to do pedometers and what not but $100 for a fitbit or something like it, and another device to wear on top of a phone is not what i wanted, this was $150 total with the hear rate monitor and does the job exactly how i want it to.
    08-03-2014 11:40 AM
  2. mhc48's Avatar
    I like it a lot too. I just wish the steps in WP's Health and Fitness would sync with the Health & Fitness on my Surface.
    08-06-2014 02:48 PM
  3. liam-ward's Avatar
    I'm in a similar boat. Got the 635 while my 1520 is being repaired and I'm going to keep it as fitness device. The sensorcore is cool and yes my 1520 has it but that phone is took big for running with.
    08-09-2014 12:12 PM

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