1. anon(8407492)'s Avatar
    I recently received Lumia Cyan for my Belgium 1320 (rm-994) country variant and installed it right away. (not running developer preview)
    However, I am unable to install alot of apps. For example all the Bing applications (finance, travel, weather), onemusic, music import and many more.

    It doesn't matter if I try to install them on my micro SD (64gb kingston class 10) or on my internal storage.

    Bing Travel gives me these errors while trying to install:
    on micro SD:80073cf9
    on internal storage: 80073cf0

    the error is the same for all applications that refuse to finish installation.

    I already hard resetted once to see if it would be fixed but the same issue persists. I also once reverted back to lumia black gdr 3 and reupdated back to lumia cyan.

    The problem is not for all apps, for some reason whatsapp, telegram Messenger, WPcentral and the HERE applications all installed.

    Another issue is with the apps that did install. Plex for example is installed on my micro SD but is not able to open. Everytime I open it it closes right away. This goes for more apps that did manage to install.

    Whatsapp and telegram Messenger also don't work properly while these 2 are installed on internal storage for maximum speed regarding notifications and boot time. Whatsapp can't send me an activation code because I already asked one? and telegram Messenger won't load new messages.(these issues didn't exist back on Lumia Black)

    Anyone else with these problems while on Lumia Cyan?
    08-05-2014 11:43 AM
  2. anon(8407492)'s Avatar
    Alright, I have found the problem.

    My micro SD card was corrupted and was infecting the whole system. I factory resetted my Phone while on cyan and installed everything without my micro SD card inserted. Everything went smooth and the system is working properly now. I quess the sd card was also eating system resources because some apps did actually install on it.
    So far, lumia cyan is awesome. I love the wifi indicator.

    Now finding a way to fix my sd card.
    08-05-2014 02:09 PM

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