1. samadkhan's Avatar
    I bought my Lumia two weeks back, it has been replaced with a new one once, I just want to know that does ur screen flicker like in the menu, browsing like battery is less and its jus tryin to use power like in old tv's.
    It gets warm read many forums on it
    Battery drains but its still manageable.
    Facebook u cant tag people and cant confirm tags
    While playing FIFA14 there is lag in the game, are you ppl facing it also.

    Pls let me know
    08-05-2014 07:30 PM
  2. samadkhan's Avatar
    And hoe to transfer music
    08-05-2014 07:31 PM
  3. dannejanne's Avatar
    My screen does not flicker at any time. I don't game so can't answer that.

    To put music on it, I believe you can just plug it in with USB in the computer and then put albums in the music folder? Or sync with Windows Media Player I have heard works too. I just got my Lumia 930 the other day so I haven't had a chance to try all this stuff yet.
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    08-06-2014 12:20 AM
  4. Ignition1's Avatar
    And hoe to transfer music
    The only issue I have with music is that it seems to duplicate my playlists every now and then. It's not cloud related as I don't backup music using Xbox Music etc. so it's clearly a bug with Windows Phone/Lumia 930.

    I've raised it on Microsoft Community, though I doubt it'll get picked up as a bug to get fixed...fingers crossed it does.
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    08-06-2014 05:27 AM
  5. samadkhan's Avatar
    U need windows 7 or 8 for music which I don't have 😐
    08-06-2014 04:16 PM

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