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    Hi everyone, I need you help on contacting UC Browser Support and asking for a Desktop UA that shows as IE11 on Windows 8. The reason:Since GDR1 for WP8.1 Microsoft broke the UA for Desktop mode on IE11, now mostly everything that use to load as Desktop comes up as Mobile, UC Browser already takes care of this with its 'Desktop Mode' but 'Youtube.com'. Youtube will not stream its HTML5 videos on 1080p unless the browser is IE11 on Windows 8 or Chrome. And having a 1520 we all want to use that 1080p screen right?Currently UC Browser does not advertise its UA as IE11 on Windows 8 therefore Youtube HTML5 videos only gives an option for 720p. Please help me by contacting support and asking for the UA to be changed to IE11 on Windows 8 or at least give us the option to add our own custom UA.Thanks.
    08-06-2014 11:57 AM

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