Dear 1520 Owner's ,

    I am using Nokia Lumia 1520 ( RM-937) since March 2014 and facing problem with:-

    Screen struck, ( Soft keys doesn't respond or allow me to go back or jump to main screen and i hard restart the device.)
    Games Struck, ( FIFA 2014, Mortal Combat it struck and respond too slow while playing the Game)
    FM Radio Struck, ( it stop and play automatically , tried to change headphones also but no luck )
    Lock Screen Doesn't slid up and it struck.

    I have DID with:-
    Soft Reset , Hard Reset, Updated with latest Cyan, But problem continues .

    As per my observation, It is Hardware Memory problem ( Correct me if am Wrong ).

    Do any one face or come across with the above issues with Any Lumia Devices. Do any one Have Solutions for the Above issue.

    Kindly Let me know .

    Santosh Gadale
    08-06-2014 01:46 PM

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