1. L920_NewUser's Avatar
    Recently i have been facing random screen freezing problem with my lumia 920. i love the phone until now i hadn't faced any issue. but from 2 days i have been annoyed by the random freezing of the phone. recently i have updated the phone to 8.1 update 1 after that the phone worked fine for one day. the next day it becomes unresponsive and the display hangs. i have done soft and hard reset but still the problem stays.
    what really happens is while im navigating normally through my phone .open any app or game or types any text the screen freezes. All i have to do is press the power button several times to get the display back. it then works fine for about a minute and then hangs again.. it doesn't allow me to do anything at all.. read many forums . had tried uninstalling the recently installed apps.
    don't understand whether its due to the update or anything else.is someone else facing the same problem? kindly suggest me a solution to this problem.
    i want my phone to be responsive like before....
    08-08-2014 02:11 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    That seems strange. I've been using 8.1 Preview since its original release back in April, and I've never experienced freezing.

    Does this happen with all apps or only certain ones?
    08-08-2014 02:18 AM
  3. L920_NewUser's Avatar
    no fixed apps...while normal roaming through phone this happens...
    08-08-2014 02:24 AM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    What apps do you have running in the background?
    08-08-2014 02:30 AM
  5. L920_NewUser's Avatar
    Viber Whastapp Music Cortana and Battery saver
    08-08-2014 02:39 AM
  6. Visa Declined's Avatar
    I've had a similar problem in the past, but a reset fixed it. I know it's a pain in the but, but it's soo worth it to have your phone working great again.
    08-08-2014 03:38 AM

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