1. HoosierDaddy's Avatar
    I want a 64 or 128GB SD card for my 1520. I gave a 64GB class 10 Sony card away when I switched to a 925 which has no slot. I'll know better than to give one away next time. LoL

    Walmart.com had a deal for a 48mbs Samsung EVO 64GB class 10 UHS-1 card so I grabbed one but the phone kept restarting itself when I installed it. I took it out and tried to use it on my PC and it locked up Windows Explorer. So I don't know if the card is bad or if its not compatible.

    I'm taking it back (obviously) but decided to do some more research before replacing it and find all kinds of conflicting information on the web. Everything from a 1520 won't benefit from anything faster than a class 4, to the card I bought is a disaster, to the card I bought is great, to a 1520 isn't compatible with UHS-n, to I got bad results 'till I bought a card that was UHS-1. The biggest complaint with any card (other than if it just doesn't work) seems to be that videos recorded to it stutter and break up which would seem to be a speed issue.

    So since Nokia/MS keeps detailed compatibility specs secret, please post the 64GB (and up) card you use if you have recorded numerous HD videos directly to it with no problems. Or if you know where detailed specs for the 1520 SD card requirements are, please post them.

    08-09-2014 10:08 AM
  2. Sam_oslo's Avatar
    If it locks your Windows explorer too, then it may be a fake or a damaged/corrupted card. You could try to reformat it (rater with a full format by using your computer) and see if it gets better.

    Samsung EVO 48MB/s 64GB is a UHS-1 card. That should be both compatible and very fast in 1520.

    The assumptions about "1520 won't benefit from anything faster than a class 4" are totally wrong. A fast Class 10 card will make a big difference in 1520.
    08-09-2014 02:17 PM

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