1. diego866's Avatar
    Hi to all users of this great website.
    I tell you, have passed through my hands all flagships there, partly because my only hobby are cell phones and technology in general lol.
    I have had the G3 Lg, Samsung galaxy s5, Htc one m8 m Xperia Z2 and iphone 5s ...
    Of these, the G3 Lg is out by enough points, fluency is really pathetic for a 500 euros mobile ... if not will the 2k screen, or poor optimization....,
    The s5 has greatly improved, there is little lag, very occasionally going off a very heavy game, but it's going great.
    After z2 are the sony, as has improved a lot, 0 lags and good materials, that if not meteria water just in case, are cases of drownings are serving.
    Since yesterday I have My New Nokia Lumia 930 and I must say it is the only mobile that is on par 5s and iphone Htc one m8, would say all 3 are currently the most fluid of the current flagships.
    I have to say I like it a lot 930, nice materials, flow in abundance, very good camera, good sound for headphones, good screen and good shine in the sun, perhaps the only one but it is the poor battery, and could have put the 1520 lol.
    Another big surprise that I've been with windows phone is that since 1520 I have taken many more applications that currently exist in both android and ios, and that's great news.
    After this talk, seeketh fluency with 0 lags, I recommend or M8 android, iphone 5s in ios and windows phone 930, I see that even looser than the 1520, and that they share hardware.
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    08-11-2014 07:19 AM
  2. nielsniels's Avatar
    Glad to read you had such a good experience with the 930 and Windows Phone. I am currently waiting until the 930 appears in the shops here in Belgium, and when it does, I'm going to check it out so I can see it in real life and feel how it fits in my hand and all that. I am planning to get a new phone and after having been with Sony(Ericsson) and Android for years, I'm up for a change and this Nokia/MS Lumia 930 with WP 8.1 is the at top of my list! And I also strongly dislike the post-processing in pictures taken with newer Sony phones, way too obvious over-sharpening artefacts that spoil the small details IMO.
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    08-11-2014 08:14 AM
  3. gfreek's Avatar
    Like you I've had my share of flagship phones in the last few years here's my resume: Samsung Omnia 7, HTC HD7, HTC Titan, HTC One X, iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Ativ S, Nexus 5, HTC One m8 and now Lumia 930.

    I agree with you I'm actually quite impressed with the 930, I like the minimalist industrial design, great AMOLED screen which really shows off the modern UI and yes the battery performance is a let a down which is a shame otherwise this handset would have been great.
    08-11-2014 04:53 PM

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