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    I bought a lumia 820 on ebay just to test windows phone. I also tested a 925 in June but battery could not arrive to the end of the morning without the need of recharging it. Well this 820 has poor battery too. In the end I always went back to my iPhone 4s that is the best phone I had in my life.
    Yesterday I charged and used the phone without the SIM card just to upload the photos to onedrive, well, battery is not draining anymore. It's still a weak battery but I used the phone for 1 hour and I had battery to 70 percent, not bad. When I have 3G on, same usage drains to 50% or less. I use 3hg carrier so I cannot use 2g, anyway the iPhone does not have this battery drain. I suppose that 820 and 925 have a bad hardware for telephone antenna.
    08-12-2014 02:51 AM

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