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    My wife's new 1520 has the 8.1 developer preview on it. She has been using it for a month or so & then recently as she was using it, the screen would completely turn black. A second later (or 1/2 second) everything on her display would come right back up. It appears the same as if you were changing the display resolution on a pc, the screen blanks out for a second & then to the new resolution. The phone isn't hot, nor was it recently charged. It doesn't matter what app is running. In fact, I hard resetted it yesterday & it still does it. Does anyone have a clue of why it's doing this?

    I noticed yesterday, after I completely resetted it, I was using IE & the screen went blank, then back on, but the screen was upside down. This lead me to believe it was a sensor, so I turned on the rotation lock. Since then it has never come back on upside down, but it still goes blank.

    It really appears as a hardware issue. I started with a clean slate & the problem still persists.

    Any ideas? Has anyone else had this issue with a 1520?

    08-12-2014 02:05 PM
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    Hello, for those of you who may have the same problem one day, I figured this out:
    I used the Nokia tool and fully wiped my phone clean. It put cyan on it and I'm no longer using the developer preview. I gave it some time and tested it and it never has done the screen issue again. Maybe cyan fixed it or going to full 8.1 release instead of the preview did it?
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    08-19-2014 04:31 PM

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