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    I respectfully disagree with the "Don't make a new (Cyan update) thread" thread. That thread is too inefficient because international update schedules and experiences are so diverse. Interesting, yes; but inefficient.

    Here's a summary of the Cyan install on my US-ATT 1020:

    First, this was a first Cyan-install effort on an 8.0/Black-always RM 877 1020. I had a fully-charged battery and the phone was unplugged.

    I read the US-ATT-1020-update headline here this morning. Thank you WPC! I went to my update screen and saw the usual; but, this time when I checked for an update, I didn't get "your phone is up to date"; instead, it started an update process.

    My black beauty required two installs: the first seemed to install, including a couple of restarts, but when I saw no change and checked the update screen, there was a message that read: "The update was downloaded but couldn't be opened." That failed install took ~9 minutes total. I simply checked for update again, and the second worked. The initial steps were the same as with the unsuccessful attempt, but this successful one was a 30 to 40-minute process, including two restarts, after which I got the lock screen back and behind it a screen alerting me that there were "new settings" available. I also received a text welcoming me to Cyan right away, advising me of some available intro/instructional resources. (I unchecked all the "new settings" options, and appreciate very much not having those new settings turned on automatically.) Cortana, is among the new apps listed, and the new Data Sense one installed a live tile as well. Everything appears to have restored, including photos, documents, apps, app and other settings. The About page now reads OS version 8.10.12393.890, Firmware revision # 3051.5009.1425.2001, and Radio software version 3.2.04059.1; and the Extras + info page now reads Lumia Cyan -in Cyan, naturally. Still no very Cyan theme tone.

    Both installs and about 20-30 minutes of Cortana introductions, phone, photo, music and other easy operational tests used 35% of my battery. Of course, as always, some new things are great, others less so. I'll enjoy learning 8.1 and appreciate it all. Good-update wishes to all fellow US-ATT 1020 users -and others.
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