1. anon(8648115)'s Avatar
    Hi guys, so I have an L925 and an ATIV S Neo. Love them both and depending on how I feel on a particular day, I'll just swap my sim; my 925 if I want to stand out, feel classy, or I'll be taking tons of pictures, and my Neo if i must have all my music on me at once or if I want a solid two days of battery life.

    And actually this post revolves a bit around that last stipulation. To my knowledge, both the Neo and the 925 have 2000mAH batteries, but the 925 drains noticeably quicker than the Neo, even when the Neo is doing quite a bit. For instance, my Neo has Kik, FB Messenger, Instant Email update, and almost every feature enabled and with moderate use the battery drains at a rather comfortable pace. In fact, it's gone ten hours with moderate use (boredom at work) and the battery is still holding at 60 percent.

    Meanwhile, if I have any other messaging app running in the background my Lumia remains noticeably warm and the battery drains much faster. I'll check something on the internet or answer a few messages on FB Messenger and my battery will deplete about five percent in ten minutes. No such instance with the Neo. With the 925, all extraneous features are completely off, Email updates hourly, glance is off, tap to wake up is off, NFC is off, pretty much everything unnecessary is off.

    So, are Samsung's phones, or my Neo in this case, just better at task management? Because I really don't see why the battery life would be largely different and in the favor of the Neo especially when it has so many more tasks running and features on. To my knowledge both phones also have the same processors. Even my old 920s suffered the same issues.

    Would someone like to enlighten me?
    08-15-2014 07:57 PM
  2. ssapre's Avatar
    Well there are pieces more than a battery or softwares in the phone. It will depend on many factors how good your battery works with the phone. The very same battery might give you a talk time of 3-5 days and stand by time of 30 days in a 3310 kind of phone :-)
    08-15-2014 10:26 PM
  3. SahirS99's Avatar
    Yeah man you're not alone I have the same problem and I think you can't fix it , it may be fixed with future updates for the phone though do you also experience that sometimes the screen dims automatically when you touch it?
    08-16-2014 08:41 AM

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