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    I had 1.4GB video on my SD card before flashing to WP 8.1 Cyan with Nokia Software Recovery 1.4.3.

    I formatted my SD-card right after the flash but that 1.4GB video-files have somehow jumped into the Phone and is hiding somewhere unknown. I can't see those file under Video-section or anywhere else. I don't need those files because I have a copy, but it would be nice to reclaim the space.

    There is some wired reporting from different Apps too:
    The Storage Sense reports 1.84 MB Video on the Phone.
    Files App shows nothing under Video section
    Widows Phone App for Desktop is reporting 1.8 MB Video on overview screen, but it shows no files under Video section.

    The Nokia Storage Check is reporting 1.4GB Media on the Phone (first picture) and that sounds right, but it reports Video = 0 MB under details section (second picture).



    Where are those 1.4GB hiding and how can I reclaim the space?

    Is that 1.1GB Other Files normal to have? Can it be cached as temporary file when it was playing the video from SD card?
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