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    So, I've been looking for a wireless Qi enabled car mount for my 928. I recently read that Nokia updated the CR-200 to accommodate the buttons on the 928, so I ran out and got one before I loaded up the family trickster and drove from Albany, NY to Orlando for a two week vacation.

    Initially I was excited. I liked the ability to ask Cortana for directions, and my phones screen was much nicer than my TomTom's (which hasn't been updated since 2011). Unfortunately, the CR-200 is unable to maintain charge on my phone. The wireless Qi charging doesn't keep up with the rate of discharge, and also over heats the phone, and stops charging it. I made it from Albany, NY to Ramapo (roughly 2.5 hours) and had to fish my other charger out the glove box.

    Also, the contact point for NFC doesn't line up, so the the tagging feature is completely useless.

    Essentially 2 of the 3 features of this device are COMPLETELY USELESS(wireless charging and NFC tagging). The only thing it does well is hold my phone. For$80 I surely hoped it was going to be better. Needless to say I'm incredibly disappointed. If you are looking for a car mount for your phone, look elsewhere.
    08-18-2014 07:58 AM

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