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    Short story: Old Lumia 920 randomly not receiving texts. Get new phone, new SIM, and new carrier, new phone works. Put new SIM in old 920, problems persist. What's wrong with the 920?

    Long story: The past few months, I've noticed I haven't been receiving all texts sent to me or calls made to me. Friends will see me and say "hey, did you get my text?" and I have no idea they sent me anything. This was on an unlocked, ATT Lumia 920, used on the StraightTalk carrier.
    I finally got a friend to come over and test texting me. She made up a long sentence and each word of the sentence was sent to me in a separate text. All together, she sent me 28 texts, in a row, all at the same time. ...I only received 10 of those texts. We were sitting side-by-side and I had good signal. Where did the remaining texts go? Who knows. StraightTalk said everything looked fine from their end.

    So after months of this, thinking StraightTalk was garbage, I decided to switch to Cricket and get a brand new Lumia 630. The Lumia 630 has been working great, no missed texts or calls that I can see. So, I decided to bring the old Lumia 920 back into the picture by swapping out the SIM card. I used the old 920 with the new SIM (and thus the new Carrier service) for a whole day. Later that evening when I met up with a friend, she mentioned she texted me several times. Of course, I did not receive it. On a whim, I put the SIM back into the new Lumia 630 and sure enough, all the missing texts sent to me that day were *immediately* delivered to my new phone.

    So something is definitely wrong with the Lumia 920, sporadically not receiving texts and calls. Aside from resetting the phone (which I don't want to do just yet) is there anything you can suggest?
    08-18-2014 02:36 PM

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