1. Rawliglat x's Avatar
    Well like the title said, I think the phone isn't (in hand) as big as I expected.
    But before I go on to write about that, let me say I made this conclusion based on the size of the case. And for anyone wondering why I have a case and not a phone here is why:
    I put in a request for a phone and a case (different suppliers) because (after seeing lots of shattered screens) I'm scared to use the phone for even a minute without a case. Anyway so my very beautiful case arrived today, and I'm expecting my device next week.

    When I tore open the pack and held the case (to see how the phone will feel in hand) first thing I though is "This might be a bit smaller than I expected". I saw this device once before at the store some months back (when I decided I must own it one day) but I imagined it to feel a bit bigger.
    For anyone wondering, I in no way consider this a disadvantage, on the contrary, I'm already more in love

    I put it in my pocket, and it fit perfect, in my tight pants (well maybe not to perfect, but I'm comfortable enough). I use a long wallet so I figures my wallet is even longer and about the same width as the case.

    In all, I cant wait to get a hold of that beast and touch it on all its private parts (pun intended

    [ For anyone wondering what case I got: MPERO IMPACT X Series Kickstand Case for Nokia Lumia 1520 - Teal Chevron ] --- Its a damn beautiful case.

    Random info: The stole my phone today (the one I was planning to dump next week) when sometime when I was admiring case But I'm glad its not the L1520
    08-21-2014 01:52 PM
  2. MDK22's Avatar
    Not my cup of tea, but, good luck with your NU phone (& case) whenever it gets there.
    What color phone did you get ?
    08-21-2014 04:31 PM
  3. Rawliglat x's Avatar
    White :3
    And thanks.
    08-21-2014 07:53 PM
  4. salmanahmad's Avatar
    The 1520 is a nice device. Congratulations.
    08-21-2014 08:29 PM

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