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    I bought a Nokia Lumia Icon which had a defected SIM card tray. I replaced the daughter engine board where the SIM card tray is located without charging the phone first (the battery was completely empty) and now when I'm trying to charge the phone wirelessly with DT900, it just doesn't work. So I don't know whether it worked (or not) before my fixing procedure.

    DT900 works with my wife's Lumia 1020 and my Lumia 928 so there's nothing wrong with it.

    So all you technical gurus over here:

    1) how does the wireless charging work with Lumia Icon/930? I.e. does anyone have any wiring diagrams for Lumia Icon/930? There are two pins on the main board but where do they go? I didn't detach the main board, only the engine cover assembly and the battery in order to replace the daughter engine board where the SIM card tray is. So does the engine cover assembly have anything to do with the wireless charging (I don't think so) or do those pins go straight to the battery?

    2) does anyone know whether this is a common problem among Lumia Icon / 930 phones? A type fault or a serie of phones with defective rear cover and its wireless charging assembly?

    I'd really appreciate if someone could help me. Thanks a lot in advance!
    08-23-2014 03:37 AM

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