1. javeg85's Avatar
    Hey everyone. I picked up a 1320 today from Cricket. This phone is AMAZING! Anyway, how is the Developer Preview for 8.1 on this phone? Is it stable enough to replace 8.0? I had a Lumia 635 before this, and I need Cortana back in my life! Lol
    08-24-2014 10:55 PM
  2. Arun765's Avatar
    how to connect usb to interenet lumia 520
    08-25-2014 01:42 AM
  3. javeg85's Avatar
    Uhh...that didn't really answer my question. Lol
    08-25-2014 07:48 PM
  4. leo5122's Avatar
    im using the dev preview with my cricket 1320, i like it so far seems pretty smooth
    08-25-2014 11:29 PM
  5. zultar's Avatar
    If it's new you don't have much to lose if it is a bad experience and you feel the need to roll back. I have been told by two cricket stores that the 1320 will get Cortana SOON, but you know how reps can be...
    08-25-2014 11:31 PM
  6. javeg85's Avatar
    Cool, thanks. Yeah, I've been checking the Cyan update rollout page and its still under testing for the Cricket 1320. I may just wait until the update comes so that I won't have to rollback and lose everything.
    08-25-2014 11:47 PM

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