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    I just wanna share my experience with you about the Nillkin Energy Stone I recently bought. The main reason to give this charger a try was the kickstand for charging the 1520 in landscape mode. BUT it was a huge disappointment when i realized that the support bars the phone sits on elevate the 1520 way too much so it is not centered anymore - phone was not charging.
    So from a piece of plastic and with the aid of a small nozzle heatgun I made useful tool. The phone with case on sits now on this plastic piece, almost on the table. :-)
    I also tried my Nexus 4 with case on and again got no luck using the support bars of the energy stone. But when it sits on the table it is charging pretty well.
    I won't bother with further technical details or pics of the chager itself as you can find both at the Nillkin website (see link above).
    For the price of around 30 Euro it is acceptable that you have to do some modding.
    08-26-2014 03:45 PM

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