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    I found a letter addressed to Rajeev Suri (obviously the wrong person!) about the Lumia 930:

    A well written letter by someone who appears to know what he is writing about.

    Here is the letter:

    Dear Rajeev

    I am writing with respect to the new Nokia Lumia 930. Since you are a fellow engineer, Nokia and Microsoft enthusiast you should take the thermodynamic faults in the phone seriously and perhaps consider discussing these with your team. I would like to give you some background about my self so you do not feel this is coming from an upset customer ranting, just having graduated university with a first class bachelors in mechanical engineering and following onto my masters next year, while being offered a Phd in nano-particles. I am caught at the point in life with anxiousness to express my knowledge and talents and it is to you that I write since my hands have always been filled with Nokia and Microsoft products. Owning no handset besides a Nokia from the 5110 up until the new Nokia Lumia 930. Where the Nokia Lumia 900 was brilliant for its time although the charging port was temperamental. The new Nokia Lumia 930 address this issue outstandingly with a wireless charger however it has known faults of its own which I feel the need to mention to no one other than yourself since both these disappointments have left me questioning my loyalty to the Nokia brand.

    To begin I admire the aesthetics of the mobile device and the metal outer ring which has a different yet eye appeasing touch to it. The choice of colours give the average Joe the sudden impulse to want to look. All the extra software capabilities are exceptional and the free gadget make it more wanting. No doubt its functionality and software flexibility make it practical for the every day business man. As an upcoming entrepreneur I hold the software with high regards and the start menu like home page that allows the user to connect and manage all Microsoft mobile related applications with ease. The camera is something you wont find on any other device as it has always been known that Nokia take their cameras with high regards as well as the handsets indestructibility.

    This is what brings me to my issue, now its known that common practice in mobile phones in the commercial market is to design and release a product that lasts approximately 2 years or less. This providing a reason for a consumer to return and purchase the next new in line product since the older handset provided should be considered out dated and dysfunctional. By all means this is something any company complies by in order to make a profit but you find all great things in life are not made by the greedy but rather by the aspirational, so I request you do not lose this concept of Nokia as it was precision and over engineering that made it popular.

    The issue lies in the handsets cooling method and positioning of the processor towards the bottom right of the screen, grab any of your handsets and take a look at the entire screen. Now orientate it so the USB charging port is facing your nose you will notice that it is not flush with the case and further along to the right it protrudes up by a millimetre if not more. As the device is being used for the most common of functions such as wireless connectivity and charging you will feel the lower right of the handset on the cooling frame heat up dramatically. Given the right circumstances this heat can increase to the extent that the screen begins to raise itself and permanent deformations occurs where the screen now protrudes at above 1mm and can be pushed down (play). This usually occurs while charging (wired/wireless), connected to a wireless router and listening to music (Bluetooth/loudspeaker). To put this in perspective your competitor apple would not let such a thing happen on any of their products and if it did they have stores located in a vast amount with the most eye catching design so you can amend the device instantly.

    Due to this my first handset was returned in the space of 2 weeks I am the proud owner of another Nokia Lumia 930. I am aware that manufacturing process and production processes in modern day have roughly a 0.1 in 10 faulty occurrence. However these issues I have noticed are on all Nokia Lumia 930. So to conclude because you are probably getting tired of reading this, It would be nice to know whether the Quality Control team or the Test Engineers are aware that rigorous testing should be applied in order to check that a product is deemed satisfying but further more someone of higher importance should feel and decide whether the final product is perfection. Whether the design team applied thermodynamic principles and used Computational Thermodynamics for studying the materials temperatures and their deformations this includes adhesives used. Was the maximum temperature of the handset based on the maximum power demand to the processors via the charging port or wireless charger including the battery material and electrical charge. Was CAD and prototyping not used to examine the assembly of the final product and were no tolerances applied to allow for breathing space. Since it is common belief perfection is impossible I on the other hand like to believe that perfection should always be the aspiration. None the less I thank you for taking your time in reading this message and wish you every bit of success in your future.

    Kind Regards
    Mr C. Abi-Antoun
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    Both of them are obviously engineers.

    Yes, I've noticed quite a few heat-related faults with various Lumia devices (partially because I live in a tropical climate, but also because Lumias happen to have thick heat-trapping cases).

    I had the same issue with my 620 after a while, as well.
    08-30-2014 05:45 AM

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