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    Yeah, so the last week or so has been a Wifi disaster. First, my dd-wrt routers stopped functioning. I rolled those back to stock to no avail. Replaced them with an .11ac router I got off eBay for the low-low. Everything was working fine. Then, my laptop radio shorted out. Sent it in for repair. At this point, my phone is being used for computing and the Wifi radio on it has been in and out unreliable for the last week. I'm thinking conspiracy due to all my gripes about US' antiquated infrastructure. Satellite beams away...

    Rolling back to release channel to see if it helps alleviate the issue. Will post back with results.

    UPDATE: 3 hours in, Wifi appears to behave as expected. No persistent drops or unresponsiveness. I'm pretty much decided that after all the pain in posterior of waiting for the Cyan firmware to switch from Verizon. In fact, I'm decided to switch to an unlocked phone on either ATT or T-Mobile's network. I hate ATT but can't stand my devices' basic functionality to be crippled by a company stupid enough to protect sales of new device by withholding updates for current devices. All that, just so they could stamp their ugly logo on the back of the phone and have exclusivity for a few measly months. Opposite effect on this tech enthusiast here. I'll be switching at the conclusion of my contract. Bye Verizon. Enjoy your best in class network that I won't be overcharged on.
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