1. Ba2Py's Avatar
    Hi guys, last week my 1020 started to have a hard time focusing scenes more than 3 meters away. Close focus is "ok" (30 cm - 1.5 m).

    Tried hard reset, downgrading to stock 8.0 from DevPrev, gettin Cyan, still the issue.

    I'm my country we don't have nokia/microsoft shops to send the phone to.

    If you search on ebay under "lumia 1020 camera replacement module" you'll find many that say "US New OEM Nokia Lumia 1020 Back Rear Big Camera Module Replacement Repair Part"

    Saw a couple of videos on youtube about replacing the rear camera and it isn't that hard from what I can see.

    I'm just having doubts about the quality of the spare part. A 1020 with a faulty camera it's just a big useless phone.

    Thoughts, suggestions? Have a great day!
    09-05-2014 01:09 PM
  2. jay6600's Avatar
    Carnt comment on the quality of the US ebay 1020 main camera module , i did purchase a lumia 820 main camera module spare part from a US seller ,the price was less than a quarter of what uk ebay sellers here were asking and i was worried it was inferior due to cost , however i was wrong it looked exactly the same as the faulty module and fixed the camera fault my 820 had.
    09-05-2014 05:55 PM

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