1. davidD93's Avatar
    Through research, it appears that the 730 will not be sold in the UK.

    1. Looking on 02's website (I was being nosy, looking how much the 530 was, despite not wanting the phone) in their "coming soon" section, there was mention of a 735, but no 730. I would assume the 730 and 735 will be released at the same time, since they are essentially the same phone.

    [1.5 There was no mention of an 830 either, likely meaning the 730 (where sold) and 735 will be out before the 830]

    2. On Nokia's UK website, there are pages for the 735 and 830, yet none for the 730 [730 is up on the global website].

    I can't say I'm totally shocked, since the 730 is dual-sim, which aren't really sold in the Western world AFAIK, and also because of the rise of 4G in the UK, but still surprised in a way that they didn't sell it anyway to a) keep in line with the others having an x30 model, and b) gauge the reception of a dual sim model since AFAIK there has never really one been sold in the UK.

    Still, the 735 looks nice a nice upgrade from my 620 for next year. If only it had glance .........
    09-06-2014 06:02 AM
  2. switch side method's Avatar
    If you want to upgrade and money is tight then what I dis was went online to Woolworths.com and littlewoods.com and done the buy now pay 12 months later interest free. I got my 1520 that way. May be worth a shot for you
    09-06-2014 06:09 AM

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