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    Hey guys! Perhaps someone else can help or is experiencing the same thing as my Sister's Lumia 920.

    So I did a full flash of CYAN via the Nokia Recovery Tool v1.50 of my sister's phone. Logged in using the same account she's been using ever since. After which, there was an option to recover back-up from today, a few months back, or to start from a clean slate.

    We chose to start from clean slate.

    Enabled Location, Find My Phone, Cortana and everything that needs to be done. When we logged in to her windowsphone.com account from the desktop, to re-install her purchased apps, she doesn't have any Phone registered in there! Therefore we could not re-install her apps!

    Is this normal? Or does it take a while for WindowsPhone.com to re-recognize her Lumia 920?

    Anyone else experiencing this? Did we miss something in the settings?

    I appreciate your inputs. Thanks!
    EDIT: FIXED!!! Did not do anything. It just fixed itself. Perhaps it takes time for the system to propagate.
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