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    I have this Lumia 1520 for about 5 months. I bought this phone cause I mainly use the phone for business, syncing mostly with Microsoft outlook at the office. I am using our work account which is hosted at Microsoft, so used as an exchange. All worked fine until the update to 8.1.

    Now the two main concerns are that it does not sync as fast as it used to be. Before it used to be instantly, no more than 10 seconds, and now it can even be 3 minutes later.

    The second one, and the most important is when I create a calendar appointment and want to add someone, it invites myself rather that the other person I intend to invite. This is driving me insane as I cannot do the work when I am away from the office.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    ps: version used at the moment is 8.10.12397.895
    09-08-2014 09:50 AM

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