09-20-2014 01:36 AM
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  1. chobo2's Avatar
    Finally got an unlock code from rogers for my 1020. I can finally have some fun with it.
    did you get any credit from Rogers?

    Hey guys,
    Good to see this thread. I bought a used white Lumia 1020 on Kijiji which ended up with TELUS network which I wanted to switch over. Long story short, the phone was a developer/demo unit which wouldn't update to 8.1 or any other updates because it's IMEI is not on the Nokia server. I finally got it resolved and got a black Rogers Lumia 1020. It updates and does everything proper... the Nokia recovery software tool can find the right firmware/package to restore. All dandy. I am planning on a trip soon to south east Asia and was planning on unlocking the phone and putting in a prepaid sim card. Although I bought this phone by myself, will Rogers give that 90 days min crap to unlock it? Would the ebay unlocking work? Also is there really an unlock bug where U put in the code and the phone cannot pick up any networks anymore?
    Did you buy the phone outright from rogers store? If so then they must unlock it immediately at a cost of $50 + tax. Otherwise you got to wait...
    09-17-2014 07:38 PM
  2. theotherskipper's Avatar
    My advice: Try cellunlocker or another third party sites first. If that works out, you'll end up saving quite a bit of $ - you can usually get the unlock code for anything between $10-25. If that doesn't work, your only option is to go the rogers route for unlocking. If you bought it directly from rogers without a contract, they're obligated to unlock it right away. If not, there's no way out of the 90day policy. The rogers route will cost you $50 +tax. Good luck.
    09-18-2014 12:45 AM
  3. vraev's Avatar
    Thanks. Will try it out. But there is no way this can brick the phone right?
    09-19-2014 11:21 PM
  4. chobo2's Avatar
    Thanks. Will try it out. But there is no way this can brick the phone right?
    I think only if you attempt to many times to enter in the code, the weird thing with mine was that when I entered in the wrong code in it would go from 10 attempts to 9 but restarting the phone would reset the count to 10.
    09-19-2014 11:56 PM
  5. theotherskipper's Avatar
    Pretty sure the unlock counter reset after a restart applies to all Nokia Lumias, if not all windows phones. Loving the 1020 by the way.
    09-20-2014 01:36 AM
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