1. sagewinard's Avatar
    So I could use so much needed assistance. The screen on my Nokia 928 broke today, and I replaced it with a Nokia Icon. I love it so much already, but i'm having a few issues/questions

    I can't get onto my Lumia 928 to update the backup. Apparently the last backup for my 928 was in April of this year (even though auto backup was on) and I don't wish to use that info. The screen is unresponsive, but the phone turns on. So I figured to plug it into the computer and pull all my documents/sync it and then just plug in my icon. Problem. 928 has a lock screen. Is there any way around this? The desktop app says I need to unlock the 928, but I cant with the broken screen.

    If there isn't, when I last synced my 928 to my computer (much more recently), if I sync my computer to my icon, would I have all the recent data from my computer from the 928 that I could put on the icon? I'd be fine with that because personally the Icon is using the backup file from April 2014, and I'm getting texts I know I deleted prior to that. It's frustrating.

    Lastly, could I possibly download a developer kit, or some program that lets me view my start screen while my 928 is connected to the computer? That way I could navigate to the 928, back it up./sync it then hook my icon and be good to go? Thanks in advance to any replies, this has been such a horrible day. I'd rather my car got stolen than this.... :S
    09-12-2014 07:08 PM
  2. Jason Drum's Avatar
    Don't want to hijack the thread, but I have a similar but more simple issue. Screen is busted on 928. Phone otherwise perfectly fine. It has a lock password set. I want to wipe the device clean to either A) resell for parts or B) get rid of it without my data/info on it. Any way to accomplish this?
    09-17-2014 03:34 PM

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