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    I'm not feeling the magic. I wanted a to hold on to the news of a new device flaunting more than what the 830 (and 730) popped out with. Looking at the specs on PhoneArena.com, it seems as though they've gone ahead and repackaged a device from a year ago and said, "Here's your update".

    I don't mean to be inflammatory, but the Nokia device selection has severely let me down. I'm trying to see the magic, but most of what I wanted I thought would be the 830, till I saw the internals.

    I've been crying for a 930 with microsd support and then realized there is one, the 1520. Doesn't anyone else feel a fair bit... spun around with this being what WP (Nokia) is going in with for the holiday season? I dunno, just... just looking for that magic I saw in WP back when the 920 came out.

    1520 - 930: Nokia Lumia 1520 vs Nokia Lumia 930 - Phone specs comparison
    (big diff, no micro sd)

    1320 - 830: Nokia Lumia 1320 vs Nokia Lumia 830 - Phone specs comparison
    (big diff, dual core to quad core... but in both cases no passive cortana... )

    The last point isn't the huge thing to me, I can live without passive Cortana, but it makes one wonder what they're buying into with an "affordable flagship" if it's already hamstrung out the gate. Grumble grumble.

    What's of note is it only seems to answer those that wanted the specs of the 1520/1320 but not the size. Going on like that I feel passed over. Like there should have been more to the 930, and something more in general, something pushing the boundaries. But it all seems like a third (or fourth) party push from a first party manufacturer.
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    You can't expect every device from Nokia be amazingly different. In fact, it's a good idea on most levels.
    Yeah, everyone here wants the 930 to have microSD support...but that isn't the 1520. They're in separate categories, plain and simple.
    The 1520 has a completely different screen-disregarding the obvious massive difference in screen size-a completely different design and it's focused towards a completely different category of people.
    The 1320 and 830 shouldn't even be compared. They have similar internals but the 830-in my opinion-is by far the superior device for it's screen and camera. And again...different category.

    Look at the Galaxy series. There's the S5, Note 4, S5 Mini...you know what the difference is? Focus. The Note 4 is focused towards people who want a bigger phone or a phone for business. S5 Mini for people who want a tiny phone with flagship specs. And the S5 for the everyday person. There are differences in specs, of course, but the point is the same. You can't compare devices in completely different categories. No one out there is comparing the Note 4 to the Nokia Lumia 930.
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    Of course...just my opinion. I in no way intend to dismiss your opinions as nothing nor offend you.
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    For most spec junkies like those of whose who loiter around WPC the 830 is really not a flagship but for the average user who doesn't know the difference between Mhz & Ghz it would do the job and it would do the job pretty darn well. Windows Phone doesn't need the top of the line specs to run fluidly, get a 520 and use it for a few minutes you won't notice the difference unless you compare it side by side to a 930 for example.

    To be honest I would say what we are seeing now was already in the line up but in terms of release dates, I imagine the acquisition put a spanner in the works. The 930 launched in a very odd spot, I imagine they pushed back the 830 & 730 just to have something for the Christmas sales as well as to fill the gap until late Q1 / early Q2.

    Also I imagine they are saving a true flagship for the Windows Phone 9 Launch, if I recall correctly according to Mary Jo Foley windows phone was going to get two updates before Threshold (Cyan was the 1st and Denim would be the second one).

    The only way to create a storm big enough to wash away the memories of W8 is to have one massive announcement - Windows 9, Windows Phone 9, Touch first office for Windows, the surface mini & a true hero flagship phone at the same time.
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    It's hard to compare these devices. The 1520 is meant to compete with the Galaxy Note whereas the 930 competes against the Samsung Galaxy S line of devices. The 1320 on the other hand was suppose to be a budget Galaxy Note. The 830 is superior to the 1320 as stated by the user above.
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    Of course...just my opinion. I in no way intend to dismiss your opinions as nothing nor offend you.
    ​Nope, I welcome you're opinion but thanks for the note. I do agree, they were made to cater towards different category of people, this is true. And yes, I know I'm not the first to lament the lack of micro-sd on the 930, nor the screen tech which disallows glance. Nor, really, do I expect Nokia to release the daddy of all phones every iteration.

    But I do think the launch and press around devices that are essentially reshaping of last years offerings, just pointed to a different crowd by way of screen size, is what it does come down to. As I'm prepping to reply to the fellow below, it's not just being a spec junkie, but it's buying adevice that the company (best wishes or not, MS stepped in this) calls a flagship in someway that is going to be behind the momen't it hits store shelves. Usually we say this about some flagships in a metaphorical sense, but this will actually be literally (and I literally mean literally) be true. And that is the end of your 2014 options from Nokia (supposedly).

    If the 830 carried the same specs, and was more than capable for all things coming down the pipe and a little bit more I could stand with that affordable mantra and shove my money as a solid upgrade without fear of feeling too outdated too quickly. They've blocked this, and it's an odd feeling as a consumer. I am the target market (I don't want the size of the 1520) but perhaps I'm in some very small nook or cranny, I think they've sidestepped my area in a big way.

    Different markets, sure, but there's still the question of what is brought to the market.
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    @Red_Dragon23 @TechFreak1 I understand that to be the case too. I've used a 710, 521, 635, 920 (My device) and an offering from Samsung. I'm aware that specs aren't the answer for everything (I compare to iOS, so tightly made it really didn't need anything heavy back in the day, same as WP sans gaming).

    My qualm, as stated above, is not entirely that it's last years specs (though that does fuel my feelings heavily). It's more so that there is this device, they've tagged a flagship, that is essentially outdated the moment it's announced. Had it the exact same specs as stated, but I didn't lose out on WP features from day one, due to the choice in processor, I'd be completely fine.

    Now it's not a matter that I must have all the boxes checked for the sake of checking, but as a consumer (informed or otherwise) it still seems odd that I'm buy a "new flagship" that won't have access to the bells and whistles already known to be coming... So then, what else will I already be missing out on if this is day 0? I don't feel confident in that purchase, even at 250$. I've been sitting on my 920 since launch (a really really good price I got it for), I don't have that same confidence there.

    "So get the 930", yea, probably the only option left to one such as me. Again, I'm not dragging these products down, I like them for what they are, they are catering to a part of the market for sure. But it seems there's a section left blank, these don't scream flagship, they scream well endowed mid-range. Perhaps I'm being pedantic and hanging on to that word of flagship, but, yes looking at the specs and seeing this 2014 flagship having near the same components as a 2013 mid-range (Note: 10 vs 5mp camera, quad vs dual core (but still not up to the task of all updates), dpi (smaller screen so transitive gain) and storage (16 vs 8)) Sounds like a mid-year update for those that wanted a smaller screen. And yep, it's just that lil part on being behind from launch that gets me. If come tomorrow it's announced (whoops, sorry guys, our awesome engineers made this happen, and so other things will be possible) I'll eat my words and spend my cash.
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