1. lamplghter13's Avatar
    Hello all- I am transferring music to my 1520 using "Windows phone app for desktop" but roughly only half of my album art shows up. I know that all my album art is embedded and is there so am not sure why this is happening.
    I can't seem to find an app that will let me add album art, if there is one can you please let me know of it.
    My other option would be to use another music player which has the option to add art.

    Thank you for any help !!!

    ​Cheers, LL13-
    09-14-2014 12:31 AM
  2. stayduned's Avatar
    Hello usw mp3tag its free
    09-14-2014 12:33 AM
  3. quadxeon's Avatar
    Here's a How-to:

    edit: I'm not allowed to post links, do a search on google for "xbox music How to embed album art using Windows Media Player"
    First page.

    It's tricky, sometimes I had to it wice, but in the end it, all my albums have album art now.
    09-14-2014 02:47 AM

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