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    Last month I upgraded to lumia 1520 with At&t. I began having software issues with phone (i.e. having to manually set the date and time). I went through who spill of getting another replacement device. I boxed up my old device and shipped in the same box and packing that my replacement device arrived. A couple weeks later, At&t shipped me back my original device and charged my bill $530. It was shipped back because the LCD panel had gotten cracked during shipping and they are saying I'm at fault. I talked to several people in their warranty department and the response was " you agreed to the terms and we cannot waive the charges". I even explained that if i had insurance on all my devices, why would I as for a warranty replacement knowing I would have to pay $530 if the device had any water or physical damage ($200 vs $530- I guess common sense does not come into play with At&t reps. The device was in perfect condition when i boxed it up to ship back. I had even bought a glass screen protector for the phone. They finally agreed to just charge me my insurance deductible of $200 instead of the full $530.

    My question is has this happened to anyone's lumia 1520? There is not a scrape or scratch on the phone and the top glass isn't even cracked. How much would it cost to get the LCD replaced, if its more than i want to spend I might just sell the device to cut down on the $500 cellphone bill i'll be looking at next month. The phone still powers on and is in perfect condition cosmetically. You can only tell that the screen is cracked if the screen is on and only the top half of the screen is responsive.
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    09-14-2014 05:37 PM

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