1. Ryan Burke's Avatar
    Hello all, long time lurker - first time poster.

    So, I've had my Black 32gb 1520 on AT&T almost since launch. I've been absolutely in love with the device since I first got it, and I've enjoyed all the updates and developments as time went on. However, there is one thing that has nearly driven me insane since I first noticed it; I think you can guess what that might be.

    The touch panel bugs (tap as swipe and swipe as tap or multi-tap).

    This issue has run me up the wall. We now know its a physical issue definitely (from what I've read), and I've tried the special "squeeze" tactic that better marries the connection to the capacitive layer etc. At best this does very little for me and the effect fades fast.

    So... I'm considering a replacement device.

    Two options stand out in my head (forget sending it in for repairs, I have zero faith in that process - since Nokia refuses to admit this design flaw, again from what I read).

    #1 Purchase a Green 1520, as these are of more recent manufacture and may not suffer from the flaw. This is where I need you guys! Is my logic sound? Any green 1520 owners care to chime in?

    #2 Wait it out and switch to an 830. There are several issues with this, as you might imagine. Time for pro's and con's:

    PROS - Lighter weight with a sleek design and much better one handed operability. Camera will almost assuredly perform better in low light due to its superior F stop.

    CONS - Across the board spec downgrade which I may or may not be able to notice with my usage (mostly news and messaging, I don't game). Of course, smaller screen not as good for video playback - and has a lower PPI (forget resolution, PPI is what matters; ~360 vs ~300). Half-resolution camera sensor, again, may not even notice it with my usage as I don't do heavy cropping. No future "hey Cortana" support.

    So, what do you guys think? I'd love to hear some opinions. Thanks.
    09-15-2014 05:02 AM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    If you can purchase a green 1520 for a bit more than an 830, wait it out! If you can't find one before the 830 comes out, wait two weeks after the 830 is released, then buy one. QC issues may strike with the first batch.
    09-15-2014 07:14 AM
  3. igorhk's Avatar
    I am not so sure the 830 is such a great value for money and you might be disappointed coming from a 1520. And if you are frustrated about it at least make sure the 830 does not have the same problem (does the 930/Icon has this problem?). As for the green 1520 I believe the life cycle of smartphones in general is way too short, manufacturers are probably not going back to the drawing board to iron out design faults. They just ignore it and pretend they don't know anything about it simply because it will only be produced for one year or so. So most likely the green lumia 1520 will have the same problem.

    My 1520 has the same issue as you plus a problem with the cellular network plus a problem with the LCD. After Nokia care kept it for 3 weeks, twice, to check it, they finally agreed to change it and give me a new one. And apart from the LCD that is now fixed indeed, the two other issues remain exactly the same with the new one.

    If I were you I would either wait for a Lumia 1530 (or whatever it is called) or wait for the HTC One to come to AT&T.
    09-15-2014 11:10 AM
  4. RumoredNow's Avatar

    Newer build (?)... IDK. I'm not having any touch problems on mine. Automatically has 32GB so no need to halve your internal storage. Built in Qi charging without a special jacket...
    09-15-2014 11:18 AM
  5. Nokia1520's Avatar
    I threw mine against the wall. It upset me one too many times. I was really counting on the HTC One M8 for Windows from HTC but WHEN!!!??
    It is taking too long to release it and The Iphone 6 Plus is calling me. I HATE ITunes, but I won't purchase Nokia again, their quality is too suspect for me. I wouldn't mind an HTC though. I am trying to read up on it, but it seems to have all kinds of issues too. I don't need a perfect phone,but I need one that works most of the time (IE 90%) Apple is calling but I HATE ITunes!!! The common denominator is Windows here. I hope they fix it I really like it and have grown attached, but I left Apple for Windows and I can leave Windows for Apple. TICK TOCK Microsoft AND NO MORE EXCLUSIVE DEALS WITH CARRIERS!!! You are absolutely killing your band!!
    09-15-2014 01:35 PM

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