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    Something I noticed by accident with my M8 regarding charging. I have always charged my phones overnite to start with a full tank each morning. I have an older charger that has an output of 800Ma. I happen to like it because of the longer cord and comes out on the side feature. Its generic from Target that I bought many moons ago. It takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charge. On a recent trip I grabbed the HTC charger that came with the phone and noticed it charges very fast in about 1.5 hours, full charge. Output of 1.5amp.
    Using this charger I notice the M8 drains a lot faster, not holding the charge as well as when I use the Target generic charger which gives me all day long and then some awesome battery life. So, I'm thinking a slower trickle charge causes slower drain over the course of the day. I wouldn't have thought it would make any difference , full charge=full charge, no matter how you get there, but it seems to. Just thought I'd pass this info along. I'm no battery expert, just a trial and error guy, but I've always heard that trickle, or slow charging was better for prolonging the life of any battery over the long haul.
    My AA batteries I recharge all the time take almost all day to recharge. Maybe defaulted that way to conserve long term life. I dunno. Opinions anyone?
    09-15-2014 01:45 PM

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