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    Have recently changed from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. My new Lumia is great, except that it seems to have really flaky Bluetooth.
    Connecting to the LG audio/hands-free system in my car is a breeze. But once connected some odd things begin to happen. Using the phone through the car hands-free system is a non-starter. The signal breaks down and re-establishes itself in rapid succession. Sounds as if I'm driving on a badly rutted road. And the audio is the same. Signal if often lost for a millisecond then re-established at which point the track has moved on 5 seconds! And weirdly, it's always worse when I manually move from one track to the next. The first 15-20 seconds of the new track jumps and skips around (largely inaudible) after which the it starts playing normally (with just the odd jump and drop in signal). Also, I find that if I press the pause button for a second or two and then un-pause, it sorts itself out. Very odd.
    Running the latest firmware, have tried deleting and re-establishing the BT connection on both the phone and audio system on at least 5 occasions - no luck. And... I also tried streaming audio via BT to my Samsung notebook. Same thing - but not quite as bad as on the car LG system.
    Crazy! And very irritating Anyone have any ideas? I see that my old Samsung phone supports the EDR spec in Bluetooth and the Lumia doesn't. Could that be the issue?

    09-16-2014 03:58 AM

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