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    hi there.. i had purchased one lumia 720 back in december 2013. i had 8.1 developers preview installed in it. it was working fine till today. today in the evening. the battery was showing 10% status. i attended a call. and after i disconnected the call. the battery was like 3%. as the power was out in my area i plugged the charger in the phone and left it on so that later when the power comes back it will start charging. when i checked on my phone after an hour or so. the screen was all black/greyish with the charging signal showing. but it wont start. i tried to do the soft reset and hard reset. but it just wont start. and now after four hours its still showing the same screen. every time i disconnect the charger it just goes dead and after i plug the charger back on it again starts with the nokia logo and then the charging symbol and then the sames black greyish screen appears. what should i do now. i dont trust the nokia care center people in my area. they have already lost one of my phone. can you guys help me out please...

    desperately worried fellow
    09-17-2014 11:56 AM

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