1. AntZoo's Avatar
    Anybody here who's using the setup in the topic title? My 1020 won't find the tag and I keep wondering if it's me who's doing something wrong or if the 1020 just won't support the treasure tag and I bought it for nothing. FYI, I have the Cyan official release installed plus the GDR 1 as DP.
    09-19-2014 03:14 AM
  2. Farnic's Avatar
    I didn't think the treause tag mini was out already, all I have seen is the normal one. Either way, I don't have one so the only advice I have is a reminder that you need the Treasure Tag app to use it.
    09-19-2014 04:04 AM
  3. AntZoo's Avatar
    Yeah, I've had it since mid-July, I guess. And I've been trying to connect via the Treasure Tag app. But it didn't work then because of the DP, they said. Reportedly, Bluetooth LE was disabled in the DP. So, I assumed that if I install the official Cyan, it'd work. I guess I will need to reset it to Cyan again to try that.
    09-19-2014 11:54 AM

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