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    So this has happened about 5 times now, the first few I thought were just me pressing the wrong button or something but now I realise it's definitely a bug.

    It normally happens when using the on-screen keyboard, it'll suddenly zoom-in to the app and remain that way until I've restarted. For example I'll be typing a text, and it'll randomly just zoom into the screen. Going back to the home screen it's still zoomed in (good opportunity to see how good the PPI is...or how bad). Then I have to shut it down.

    It's not just visually zoomed in, but also functionally as well. For example when you have to "swipe down to power off" - if it's really zoomed in, you have to give it two flicks down to get the image to the bottom of the screen. You also cannot scroll around the screen, you're zoomed into the centre of the screen and that's it.

    Just happened 5 minutes ago. On a Lumia 930, Windows Phone 8.1.
    09-19-2014 05:17 AM
  2. Ignition1's Avatar
    Actually - I had screen magnifier turned on. *doh*.

    In my defence...it's pretty badly implemented and quite hard to activate the magnification, and also to zoom back out and pan around the screen (you have to double-tap with two fingers, then to change magnification you double-tap and hold and move up or down. To exit you double tap with two fingers, and to move around you need to use two fingers.

    Double tapping with two fingers ends up pressing a load of keys on the keyboard or opening an app.

    I can see why I thought it was a bug!
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    09-19-2014 05:19 AM
  3. sez who's Avatar
    in Settings -> Ease of access, there is a "Screen magnifier" button.
    check the status of that.

    *good you found the "bug" :D
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    09-19-2014 05:21 AM
  4. BatteryLife's Avatar
    Screen magnifier is like one of the greatest feature to me in WP. Its just so useful. And it's so nicely implemented unlike in the Galaxy line where you have to triple tap. When I was playing cut the rope and I spam press the air cushion and....
    09-19-2014 05:38 AM

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