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    Hi All, WPCentrals Users... I want to know where i can find Nokia CC - 3065 Wireless Charging Shell in India. Currently its not yet released in india but the most disappointing fact is Nokia Lumia 925 handset released 2 years back as far as I know. If anyone please help me to find out that shell in India I will be more gratefull to them. Now what i have tried till now to get that shell let me know explain u all Since I stay in Mumbai.

    I have contacted nearly 50 Stores of Nokia & there prority partners but none of them have that shell :( I have posted the question on there forums also I have put my message to them via Twitter but only response i got is Its not yet released in India :( disappointing.

    Now the next thing I did I ordered from Ebay.com Online via London. That seller shipped the device but unfortunate its was lost I never received that shell. Well I got my money back :) Since I am from India $ Dollars & Pounds are high pretty high also I need to wait 20 - 25 days for economy shipment No Problem I will wait.

    But wpcentral users please help and let me know how can i get that device ?
    09-21-2014 06:21 AM

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