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    Hi, i was used to shot lot of photos with my old Lumia 925. With 8mpx photos i selected the option to upload full resolution photos on onedrive when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

    Thats ok, but then i got a Lumia 1020 and every photo in full resolution is about 9mb. Just shotting 10 photos makes my phone upload 90mb and totally kill my home internet connection for some hours (yeah, connection speed sucks in italy).

    If i select to auto-upload low quality photos i get 1277*718 photos (less than 1mpx) and this deeply disappoints me. Is there a way to auto backup only 5mpx photos? If i need to backup a 41mpx i can do it manually

    Thank you all!
    09-24-2014 09:00 AM

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