1. dayoungtx's Avatar
    So, I've had my 928 for just short of a year now. I think its a great phone. It really does absolutely everything I need in a phone. The only phone out right now I would consider replacing my 928 for is the HTC M8 One. I like that build better and frankly really like Blinkfeed although I am finding that the new Flipboard is pretty good too.

    Just wondering what people think about the 928 as opposed to other phones on the market. Seems like the 928 gets no love and is pretty much the forgotten phone. Are you happy with yours? Are you looking to trade it in or will you keep it?

    Also, does anyone know if we will get Denim next year?
    09-28-2014 01:36 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    My only concern is Verizon's lack of speed in terms of updates. Especially since there is no other model of the 928, you don't have any option but to be at VZW's mercy.

    My 920 is identical in most regards under the hood and I'm happy with mine. Updates from VZW are just my chief concern.

    It should get Denim like most every other Lumia, but its quite possible that Verizon will block the update. (like T-Mobile leaving the Lumia 810 on 8.0 GDR2 + Lumia Amber) They haven't even pushed Cyan yet.
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    09-28-2014 01:46 PM
  3. AV2RY's Avatar
    Love my 928 and there is no other phone I want to replace it with. Icon/930 is pretty much better with everything but I must have Glance which other two doesn't support
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    09-28-2014 01:50 PM
  4. kencaz's Avatar
    I also upgraded my 928 for the Icon. It's the next logical step up from the 928. I too loved the 928, but the Icon has been a world of diff in terms of speed and snappiness. Also the camera is better even though it's lacking the Xenon flash. I have also heard from other posts here that the M8 camera is severely lacking compared to either of the Lumia's.
    09-28-2014 01:59 PM
  5. psiu_glen's Avatar
    I now have the Icon, and for daytime pics it's superior. Night and low light the 928 really shines though (and it's no slouch during the day). I swap an AT&T prepaid SIM between my 928 and 520 so my 928 still gets plenty of use.

    I think the size was just about perfect too, had it in an Incipio Feather case. Icon is just a smidge unwieldy.

    Edit: I probably won't even update my Icon until Denim rolls out, for the new Lumia Camera at that time. Will stay on 8 until then.
    09-29-2014 01:07 PM
  6. jenni122701's Avatar
    I have the 928. I've had it since Feb of this year. I'm sticking with it since I can't upgrade at discount anytime soon. I've been happy with it and there is nothing right now thats just making me insanely wanting to switch, so it's me and my 928 until late next year anyway. :-) I do wish the updates were done in a better way through VZW though. Otherwise I've been happy with my service through them.
    09-29-2014 01:14 PM
  7. diego15nets's Avatar
    I've been really happy with my 928 running the latest developer preview, which has prevented me from upgrading to another phone like the icon or m8. It runs pretty smooth over all and I'm still a fan of the camera. Glance cannot be overlooked either. My wife has the 929, and while it's snappier, it won't be my next phone. If the 830 comes out for verizon, I may get that.
    10-01-2014 09:47 PM
  8. dkediger's Avatar
    I was able to expense my Icon through work after having my 928 for 8 months. I've kept the 928 though - moved it to a spare work line we keep for upgrades - and use it for run tracking/music and as an "off road" camera. Basically situations where I'd rather not risk my Icon.

    Not an option for most people, I know, but it really works well for me and I love having 928 available in that capacity.
    10-02-2014 10:04 AM
  9. ChanceNC's Avatar
    The announcement of the Sony Xperia Z3v has made me think twice about sticking with my 928, which I purchased on New Year's Day at retail (well, less than retail after factoring in a discount I was offered and my old phone's trade-in value) to preserve unlimited data. I don't often get googly-eyed over phones, but I've always felt the Xperia Z line was very sexy, and the Z3 now seems to carry to specs to back up the looks. But paying full retail for that bad boy is a near-impossibility...I'm hearing it's going to be pushing $700 or $800 off contract. Just can't do it.

    Also making me waver is the recent retirement of the Icon, which seems to indicate I and other 928/Icon owners will be stranded on the Cyan/Denim upgrade path.

    Finally, given the Windows Phone climate, especially on Verizon, I don't see getting jack squat if I attempt to sell my 928 to recoup a portion of the cost of a new phone.

    So...I'm keeping it.

    The good news: The 928 is still an excellent phone, even running the "old" Lumia Black firmware. I tried 8.1 DP and wasn't knocked out over it like I thought I would be. I love-love-LOVE the camera, I've got all the apps I truly need and am happy with their performance, the screen is gorgeous, and the recent addition of an Incipio Feather case in "iridescent gray" makes it look even more industrial-elegant than it did before. If Verizon does finally get around to releasing Cyan for it, then that will just be gravy. I'm actually quite content with the device just as it is.
    10-11-2014 11:06 AM
  10. psiu_glen's Avatar
    So having had the Icon for the better part of 2 months now, if I had to give up my 928 altogether it would still be tough.

    The xenon flash is a difference maker at times, and having a backup phone I can take places like the beach is very handy as well.

    The Icon does take *incredible* shots during the day, but the 928 still pulls some magic out of its proverbial hindquarters. ;)

    I mostly got the Icon because someone had an upgrade available and could switch back to a dumbphone after the purchase, bought it before Verizon changed that loophole.
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    10-13-2014 10:46 AM
  11. sdrexler11791's Avatar
    Keeping it.
    ICON - no glance screen, Verizon has dropped it, so may never see Cyan
    M8- inferior camera
    830 - snapdragon 400 processor only 16 gb base memory. Not available yet.

    An 830 with an 805 processor and 32 gb base might make me upgrade.
    10-19-2014 01:00 PM
  12. Ltauhmise's Avatar
    I'd honestly keep the 928. I actually prefer the screen on the 928 over my lumia. And periodically swap between the phones during the week. It's a capable device that still can throw its weight around. Keep it.
    10-29-2014 01:06 PM
  13. B Hammer's Avatar
    I have enjoyed using my Lumia 928. It is small enough to fit in my pocket, but has a large enough screen to work on (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, etc.). The camera is good, but it isn't great. I haven't had any issues with 8.1 or 8.1.1. The only major complaint I have is Verizon doesn't support Windows Phone. After my contract is up I am switching to another carrier.
    10-29-2014 10:25 PM
  14. Nokia_Lumia's Avatar
    928 still holds its ground. It has glance, xenon flash, and better low-light camera. Just looking at WP8 with black firmware, the performance on the two phones is similar enough to not warrant an upgrade (except 20MP camera for daytime photos is an advantage for the Icon). And yes, the screen is gorgeous on the 928, I personally love the design. Finally, at least it is not "retired"! Keep it!
    10-30-2014 12:29 AM
  15. dayoungtx's Avatar
    I agree. Finding nothing that has really pushed me to want to change. My only issue is that my screen has collected a small group of scratches and while it isn't terrible in certain conditions I can see them and they are distracting. Anyone have suggestions on removing them kr at least making them less apparent?
    11-03-2014 11:46 AM
  16. anon(7937399)'s Avatar
    I had to get an Invisible Shield screen protector for mine. Strange, because my 810 didn't get very many scratches with hard use. Both devices have Gorilla glass 2, if I'm not mistaken.
    11-09-2014 11:15 PM
  17. xandros9's Avatar
    I had to get an Invisible Shield screen protector for mine. Strange, because my 810 didn't get very many scratches with hard use. Both devices have Gorilla glass 2, if I'm not mistaken.
    I don't know for sure regarding the 810, but I know the 820 uses "scratch resistant glass" (read: not Gorilla Glass) as opposed to the Gorilla Glass clad 92x's, which ironically should be weaker.
    11-10-2014 10:39 AM
  18. Nokia_Lumia's Avatar
    My first 928 had a number of scratches after light use for a few days and a separate pocket to keep it in. Folks on forums said "it is not the glass, don't worry, it is just the coating!", as if I can replace the coating with a new one...In my experience you need a screen protector. It will also hide scratches. I have to say, even my old LG fathom with weak plastic did not have that many scratches after having no screen protector for a year.
    11-10-2014 12:28 PM
  19. Big Papa Smurf's Avatar
    I'm sticking with the 928 till W10 or I move to ATT and buy a 1520. Love the phone,but so tired of Verizon and their "our bloat ware doesn't work so restart the test" bs
    11-19-2014 08:44 PM
  20. jasqid's Avatar
    Had my 928 for year and a half. I can upgrade but there is nothing worthy so I'm gonna sit out til I see what the Win10 devices look like.
    I wish my 928 was thinner, had a bigger screen (5") and was a little bit snappier. Got my daughter the Ativ SE. Like the thinness, like the snappiness and screen size. But it misses the Lumia features and Qi charging.
    11-19-2014 08:55 PM
  21. ChanceNC's Avatar
    Having a change of heart from my mid-October reply. The Z3v has hit Verizon and it's "only" $599 off-contract.

    I've readjusted my outlook on off-contract pricing, concluding that the savings on plan cost over a year sticking with my current, unlimited data plan will easily pay for a new device. If I were to upgrade and pay a subsidized price, my new plan cost would go up at least $40-60 per month, meaning a device in the $500-700 range would be "reasonable".

    Therefore, I think my 928's days are numbered. In fact, I've recently reactivated my old Galaxy Nexus and thanks to a fine developer over on Rootzwiki it's now running KitKat and performing quite well for the elderly device it is.

    I'm bummed that WP just can't keep up with the Joneses. I really like the 928 hardware but the OS situation is just getting ridiculous. I'd like to stick with WP but that would require going to another carrier, which brings me back to the plan price issue AND the mental block I have against contracts.

    So, I'm shopping for an Android device and several of them are very appealing. One is the Kyocera Brigadier, which is a midrange phone purely by its internal specs, but brings some very cool hardware features into play like a rugged bomb-proof chassis, sapphire glass over the display, awesome built-in speakers and a tissue conductive earpiece. The Z3v is still calling out to me, but I'm a little bummed that it's more Z2 than Z3. And the Droid Turbo is pure hotness, though its styling is uninspired.

    Ah well. These phones are going to be the death of me.
    11-22-2014 07:17 PM
  22. NaytG's Avatar
    I'm on my last week with the 928. I've had it since launch, and it really has performed admirably. I only have minor gripes about it taking a couple seconds longer to open/close/resume some things that are faster on the newer Windows Phone, and I always wished it had a larger screen. I went to play with the M8 this week and was not impressed. I've been in love with the yellow 1520 since it came out a year ago. I will be switching to AT&T next week. I've already bought a refurbished yellow 1520 on eBay. We'll see how long it lasts. I've been told AT&Ts coverage stinks around here.
    11-27-2014 09:24 PM
  23. EspHack's Avatar
    keeping it, I would take glance and xenon flash over a faster soc and more pixels any day, its just sad to see its a Verizon phone it should be the other way around 920 for Verizon 928 for the world, I just cant live with a led flash anymore, why is nokia always doing this? a freaking good camera tech crippled by the same flashes that the mainstream uses, how can you ruin a multi-aspec ratio sensor with OIS with a crappy led flash? jeez, and lets not talk about glance, its just sad

    I will probably get whatever replacement they have for the 1520, I hope it has an amoled screen with glance and a xenon flash and metal build, good battery life is guaranteed at that size, and less probable that they consider removing features in such a phone
    12-21-2014 01:22 PM

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