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    Love my Lumia 1520, got it November of 2013 and it's my fav phone. But after work today I'll be taking it to the Microsoft Store for a new one.
    Lately I've been experiencing extreme overheating, camera not launching, extreme interference, distortion, and noise on photos, screen scrolling on it's own, phantom tapping, phone freezing, mic not working during calls, etc. Still I LOVE this phone.

    So today at work I tried to recreate my camera issue since I've not seen any similar posts showing these photos.
    ​First I removed my SD card, did a soft reset, and when the phone restarted I took the 5 photos below.

    This is using the stock Camera:

    This is using Nokia Camera:

    All of a sudden the phone starts to heat up, first I notice the camera has trouble focusing and then this:


    10-02-2014 02:43 PM

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