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    Want to channel your inner Michael Fisher, Daniel Rubino, or Lisa Gade?

    You can stick your review here!
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    10-05-2014 09:04 PM
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    1,5 weeks with the Lumia 830. Previously I've used 720/820/920/925/1020. Here's what I think about it:
    +Amazing build quality, aluminium is just unbeatable and weight is optimal
    +Doesn't heat up vs. 920/925
    +Kick ringtone - a classic ringtone from Nokia 3210/3310 era; nice nostalgia
    +Speed, I was a bit skeptical because S400 - I guess the the "arms race" from the Android world got to me - but 830's speed is on par/even better than with previous high end Lumias. For instance MixRadio opens quicker and has shorter "resuming" messages
    +Camera app opens quickly and takes pics in two secs and although there's only in LED it's really luminous
    +Reception bars are constantly full, seems better the 925
    +Battery life, usually lasts 2-3 days but I suspect when it reaches its full potential I'll get an average of 3 days (a half dozen calls a day, internet browsing 1 hour, music via bluetooth 1 half an hour and some random messaging)

    -Screen is okay, nothing to write home about and after AMOLED screens in 925/1020 it's definitely worse with blacks and viewing angles
    -Glance isn't as useful as with 925/1020 not only due to the aforementioned reason but also because 830's sensor picks up movement quite slowly (peek feature)

    A few test pics ->
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    10-13-2014 11:15 AM
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    Nice summary. Is the speed difference noticeable? I would be coming from an 820 and I have to say, the last few updates seem to have increased the 'resuming' instances across many apps. 830 ticks a lot of boxes for me but the 820 is still fairly solid aside from a wee bit of slow down in terms of booting and switching apps so if the speed up is marked then I'd be sorely tempted to upgrade.
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    10-14-2014 03:09 AM
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    The OS is as fluid as ever, but third party apps seem faster (maybe it's the quad-core or software optimization). It's especially noticeable with MixRadio. As a previous 820 user, I'd say the camera, battery life and the overall look and feel are substantially better with the 830.
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    10-14-2014 03:38 AM
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    Nokia Lumia 830 review | TrustedReviews

    Interesting review, surprised difference in screenshots for Asphalt 8 running on the Moto G2.
    10-14-2014 04:12 AM
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    Concerning battery life: I got five days with my first full load (1 hr phone calls, 2 hrs web surfing, 10 text messages and a few emails and quite an amount of synching and tweaking) - so nothing to complain about.
    Wireless loading to full takes 3 1/2 hours, maybe a bit more than via cable, but how convenient it is! :)

    Edit: Forgot to mention , this is on Edge. Although living in an urban area, 3G+ is pretty weak.
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    Lumia 625 was my first experimental phone for me after immigrating from android. The experience was awesome, far from expected. Lumia 830 will definitely be my next Windows phone.
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    10-15-2014 03:13 AM
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    So can someone explain the bog difference consider the battery life...u guys said u get between 2-5 days but in trusted reviews article they only got between 12-14hrs...i have Lumia 920 and my battery life sucks so of I'll get the 830..its only because the battery life
    10-17-2014 11:10 PM
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    So can someone explain the bog difference consider the battery life...u guys said u get between 2-5 days but in trusted reviews article they only got between 12-14hrs...i have Lumia 920 and my battery life sucks so of I'll get the 830..its only because the battery life
    I can only speak for my own 830, and it's twice as good as my 920 ever was in terms of battery life.
    10-18-2014 12:52 AM
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    Can u give some more details plz?
    10-18-2014 01:18 AM
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    I have written this in my first language, so this is google translated and slightly edited by me - so english can be bad in this one...

    Lets start my review of this phone by mentioning that this is my first Windows Phone for me, and that I have only been using Android phones. Went from the Nexus 4 to this phone mainly because I wanted to test Windows Phone and get more memory-space and better camera. I will now go into a little of how it was to switch from Android to Windows Phone, it can feel like a long review, as I also reviewing the OS a bit.

    I have now had this phone for a week and I'm really happy with the phone. It was very surprising to me how 'smooth' windows are, no stuttering at all - this actually happening in Android, although I used a Nexus device with the latest Vanilla Android, which should be fast. Just such a thing as the Facebook 'stutter while scrolling was giving me cancer. The animations and transitions from the applications to the home screen are fantastic. Live tiles are really gorgeous, and you get information without having to go into the apps. That Windows Phone would have a shortage of apps is something I do not give a damn about, since I didnt become afflicted. So for me it makes absolutely nothing that there are 100 different apps for the flashlight on Android. What surprises me is how Google's own Youtube app on Android is a long way worse than the third-party applications available on Windows, I'm right now using Toib for Youtube on my 830, and have to say it is much better than Androids own. Something else I discovered quickly was the app for contacts called 'people' in Windows, which gather my contacts, phone numbers, emails, Facebook photos and more - all in a single application.
    Now to the negative aspect of Windows Phone, and this is multitasking, which I think is a little suffering. To suppose an example: I have started an application, and will then from the home screen start the same app again, then it reloads like it does from the first time you open the app. This does not happen if you hold the back button and go into the multitasking menu. I like Android more just by this part: if you open an application again, even from the home screen / startscreen - you should end up where you actually were previously, you can always go back from there if you want to go back to the start of the application.

    Over to the phone now, writing this in point-form to get a little better view:

    + Design, really nice metal frame with a nice backside (I have the orange model) The buttons are really slim along the edge and does not feel like they're in my way, even very nice feedback when you press them and doesnt feel cheap at all.
    + Comfortable and good grip when holding the phone.
    + The display looks good even though its 'only' 720p on a 5-inch display.
    + Good output by 3.5 by comparison with my Nexus 4 which was weak.
    + Wireless Charging
    + Really good camera! Not only hardware that does this, but the software is wonderful!
    + SD-Slot
    + Good battery life
    + No overheating problems, always cool and the metalframe is nice when you pick it up and you get that cold feel.
    + Glance-screen is wonderful feature! I can see time, date, calendar-events and even the weather!
    + Replaceable battery
    + Exchangeable covers on the back (you can buy all the colors, and change when you want)
    + Dedicated camera button! Gets you directly to the camera from when the phone is locked. It also has two 'modes', press it down a bit and the camera focuses, press all the way down and you take a photo.
    - The back / shell can feel a bit plastic and be a bit complicated to get on, but once it sits there - it stays good, and it is not noticeable that there is a loose skin, but it becomes more of a 'unit' with the phone.

    Cannot find any direct negative with this phone so far, has never been this happy with a phone. It has everything I need and I can only love the design! This particular orange 'stand out' from the crowd of all the other phones on the market, so you feel a bit special after all, and many people ask what kind of phone I got.
    Then there is always improvement points for it to be a 'perfect' phone, hence, I give this phone nine stars out of ten as a final grade. This phone lacks only a little better screen and stronger processor according to me, to make it a little more 'future proof'. Just have to add that anyone thinking of this phones processor does not have to worry about it since Windows Phone seems to be better optimized than Android, and it has worked really well for me at any time with this.
    10-18-2014 10:49 AM
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    This was really refreshing to read, thanks for posting!
    10-18-2014 11:48 AM
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    I can only speak for my own 830, and it's twice as good as my 920 ever was in terms of battery life.
    maybe not twice, but battery definitely better than my 920. And i'll pick up a second battery someday- try that with your 920!
    10-20-2014 09:55 PM
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    Funny, had mine for three days, keep getting questions about it (more than I did for my 920) , black or neon green- I may pick up an orange just to complete the wardrobe
    10-20-2014 10:00 PM
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    Funny, had mine for three days, keep getting questions about it (more than I did for my 920) , black or neon green- I may pick up an orange just to complete the wardrobe
    only negative observation is the screen is not as beautiful as my 920 (viewing angle) - worth keeping in mind if that is key for you
    10-20-2014 10:02 PM
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    Just some initial impressions as I've only had it for a few days.

    First some background, I owned a Lumia 800 (wp7) before it was EOL'd and then moved to android (Nexus 4) for two year before switching back to WP. My reasons for coming back to WP after using android for 2 years:

    1) I was never able to get a very integrated experience in android. Although the dev support is there, the apps I did use didn't really have any common design or theme. As someone who uses apps sparingly, I preferred a smaller set of apps that felt like part of the OS

    2) The camera on the nexus 4 was abysmal.

    3) After 2 years, I was having a hard time getting more than 10 hours of battery life on my device.

    4) I don't buy into the device spec arms race like most people. I value the overall experience and build of the hardware/software over useless minutia like processor speed. Sure it's a problem if the device lags but I've never experience a single iota of lag with the 830 so far.

    For the 830 directly:

    • The device feels incredible. Build quality is the best I've ever felt of any device I've used or owned. Perfect balance of size, thickness and weight.
    • Camera is good, but not great. I feel like the OIS could definitely do a better job (a lot of blur especially in low light). This is kind of disappointing since it was a driving factor for me picking up this phone.
    • Overall WP software experience is phenomenal. Unlike android which feels incredibly soviet, the OS is fun to use. It reminds me of my webOS days.
    • Battery life is great as well
    • Screen is great - maybe my eyes are bad but I don't see any difference between this screen and a higher resolution one. Maybe WP just masks it well by using a tile interface instead of something more circular (which would be more prone to showing jaggies).
    • Cortana is good as well. Unlike my nexus, when I receive a text notification Cortana steps in to read it and asks me to reply (when in bluetooth mode in my car) which is a very welcome addition.

    I still don't understand why WP, with a superior experience, doesn't gain more traction. I feel part of the blame is the hardware arms race that android introduced that the iphone is somehow immune from (iphone 6 still uses a dual core!). In reviews I've seen, reviewers often (unfairly) compare the specs to android devices and then make grandiose claims like the performance must be worse since it uses a slower processor.
    10-21-2014 10:34 AM
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    I also switched form the Nexus 4 to the L830 and so far I'm really pleased with this device. Build quality is great and some Apps open faster than on my GFs new LG G2.However I'm still waiting for my Nano Sim to arrive...
    Things which could be better with my Device are:
    - Camera Button could be stiffer
    - I also have the "Problem" with light being seen under the Soft Keys (I Don't mind)
    - Backcover doesn't Close perfectly at the Button. One of the Pins doesn't want to Clip in all the way(0.5mm or less).

    I would Love to write More, but the german Auto correct on my Surface is Killing me :)

    Sent from my Surface 2 using Tapatalk
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    10-23-2014 01:37 AM
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    First of all i hope you have a bit of patience with my English, it is not my native language.

    I should start with saying that i have owned alot of different Android devicves and so far no WP device until the L830, the one thing that has bugged me about Android is the quality of apps and software that comes from other sources then google directly (and i don't mean from other then the playstore). Quantity is no issue on Android though... last i checked i think i found 57 different flashlight apps, all of them with just on/off feature...

    But best i move on before i ramble to much about Android, i have had my new shiny Lumia 830 for 24 hours now. In that time it has impressed me greatly, during the initial setup i tasked the phone really very hard by doing all updates on apps & system while installing new ones and using pretty much all of them and setting up accounts and so on. Not once did the phone feel sluggish in any way while doing all this and not once did it "flake out" in any way.

    The actual process of setting upp all accounts such as email and Facebook, Twitter, dropbox and so on and so forth is really very simple. Also getting contacts from all account sources happends smoothly, even from google. Even the calendar syncs perfectly from accounts that has a calendar. As a new WP user it takes about no time at all to feel at home with the UI and layout, there is however a few things that has been placed in somewhat weird places, like disabeling the SIM lock, this is found under the dialer/settings/sim protection. I'm not sure for whom this makes sence...

    All in all i must admit that WP works really well and anyone claiming Android to be superior in any usage way is simply lying, both have their strong and weak points and if i'd have to choose i would most definetly choose WP over Android, which i also have

    Moving on to the hardware, the look and the feel of the phone reflects a much higher price then the device has now and this will only get better when the price drops after the L830 has been on the market a while. On my 830 all buttons sit perfectly, there is no play in them and the travel is just right. When you see images of the 830 it might seem a little thick but whe you have it in your hand you will see that it is infact very slim, and while we are on the subject of the design i can say that i enjoy it alot. I chose the "silver" sides with orange backplate, and the orange is really orange, think "reflective vest" orange but matte.

    The actual feel in the hand is well weighted and by that i mean the weight is evenly distributed across the device, you can with ease balance it on one finger on the back, another thing is the slight curvature of the backplate, it makes for a very comfortable grip. The weight itself feels just right, not to heavy and not to light, it feels "premium" and yet light. The size of the screen makes it almost to big to use with one hand and i don't have small hands, but I can still rest the phone on my little finger and reach the top with my thumb. The backplate takes a bit of fiddling about, it needs to be inserted at an angle in the top end first, then one peg at a time you work your way down to the bottom of the back, every peg needs to be fully inserted before doing the next one down. After doing this mine fits perfectly without any gap on any side, also it does not move or creak when pressure is applied.

    The first time i booted up the phone i was a little apprehensive about the screen, it looked a bit bright in the blacks but that has a simple reason, the backlight is stuck on maximum during the first init. After that is done it will be set to automatic backlight and with that the bright blacks will almost dissapear all together. If you control the brightness/backlight manually you can however boost it so high that it will raise the blacklevel to much if it is dark around the device, in full sunlight it will be harder to see. And let's face it, the only time you would want full backlight is in direct sunlight. You can also change a few settings for the screen like; adjust the automatic backlight, set it manually, change colour profile, set a profile manually with temprature and hue and so on. The capacitive buttons under the display work well, the backlight for them follows the display illumination, so in darkness the buttons will not blind you and in sunlight they are still clearly illuminated (they can turn off in direct sunlight and return when needed). When pressing one of them the buzzer gives a gentle hum as tactile feedback, it is not a strong fedback but rather a more soft one.

    This brings us to a feature i find very usefull and one that isn't very common on smartphones, the glance. Some say that it is hard to see on this device, to that i say bollocks. You can clearly see it, perhaps oled screens are more ideal to display glance but that dosen't change the fact that you can clearly see it on the IPS in L830. To get the "Jedi wave" to work you do need to get pretty close to the device but it does work. Other features such as doubletap to wake are also here and they can be toggled aswell and they also work fine. You also have an option to wake it using the camera button and that will take you into the selected camera app directly from sleep, this can also be toggled.

    Another hardware component of this device is the speakers and microphones, the call quality is very good and if your carrier supports HD talk then the quality is close to perfection. The loudspeaker on the back also works well, not as well as some of the best on the market that have stereo front facing speakers but it makes a clear and undistorted sound, it is also fairly loud and does go fairly deep in frequency. Audio in video recordings done with the 830 is among the best you can find on a smartphone, by far.

    The camera can be summarized quite easy; Bloody great. It lack the megapixels of the 1020 but the quality of the 10 you have are very good, especially in low light, you can take pictures in almost complete darkness and still have them come out usable. This is about as far as i have come for now but i will add more later on the great Nokia Lumia 830.

    I have now spent a little more time with the device and I'm still very pleased with it. I have tested the 4G capabillitys today and even in these remote areas I am able to get reception where even the maps say i shouldn't and they tend to paint a prettier picture then what really is. The speeds i was able to get ranged between 10-20MBit down and 3-10MBit up which ain't bad cosidering that it is the lower spec 800MHz country side band here and my service provider promises 20/10 at most, in other words not the phone limiting here. And this was with poor to sh*t reception. Moving on to 2G it's the same, it picks up Edge and the only phone i have that give better GSM reception is an older Ericsson with external antenna. Will it loose connection at some point, yes but it will do so long after others have. It could be that this device has very good reception on 800 & 900MHz bands and crap on the rest, i don't know. But i am very pleased with since i live very remotely and cell towers are few an far between.

    The GPS behaved equally well, it was able to pinpoint my location faster then any device has done that i have owned, even dedicated car gps's. The accuracy was impressive aswell, i did a short navigation while driving and it gave no issues, having the maps locally on the device is a very, very big plus. While driving i also decided to hookup the bluetooth to my car stereo, this did give some issues (as you can read in another thread) but after what transpired this is very unlikely the phones doing. Besides the minor hickup it did stream music quite well and the phone did sync up phonebook and cal logs smoothly, i will get back to this when i can test a bit more (after i get my headunit back from service...)

    The WiFi portion of the 830 also does it's job admirably, i have tried connecting it to two different N devices, one ASUS router/modem and one ZyXEL AP. In both cases it was able to connect and maintain a stable connection, big file transfers went smoothly and ZyXEL it gave me around 40-50MBit of real transfer speed, on the ASUS it landed at very nearly 100, keep in mind neither of these are dual band but they do both use 2,4 and 5GHz. The poor performance on the ZyXEL isn't less nor more then i usually get from that one, on the ASUS it was a bit more then i usually get on wireless devices. If you have many devices attached to your net it will degrade the performance ofcourse. One minor thing is that when you turn on WiFi it doesn't always immideatly connect, this could be because of me though since the phone can pickup three different nets that are saved and that might give it pause while selecting which one to connect to.
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    10-24-2014 04:59 AM
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    The first time i booted up the phone i was a little apprehensive about the screen, it looked a bit bright in the blacks but that has a simple reason, the backlight is stuck on maximum during the first init
    Thank you for being the first to point this out. I had suspected this was the case with review units, now it is confirmed.
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    10-24-2014 04:43 PM
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    Seriously at the time of launch in many forums i have seriously criticised the Nokia lumia 830 being a underpower device with a snapdragon 400 or whether front camera or hd screen..But as i am indian and at this point of time there is very very limited availability of nokia lumia 930 here in New Delhi..
    so after long waiting of Nokia Lumia 930 got fully tired and even after the launch unavailability or limited supply of Nokia Lumia 930 made me to purchase Nokia Lumia 830(orange) On this Diwali at 26500 inr on offline shops as on online i have to pay much more for nokia lumia 830( orange) compare to white and black variant.Comming to device..


    In looks it just beat competitor flagship devices..as i have invested my hard earned money more on looks and solid feel looks much premium.


    As i have never owned a full hd display device so Nokia Lumia 830 screen is much better for me but i feel and as seen in some videos Nokia lumia 930 screen looks better but only in video.

    Processor + Ram

    As during the launch my main focus to criticise the Nokia Lumia 830 was processor and ram but after owning i just feel opposite ..truly love the speed no lag as during asphalt 8 i have not seen any lag.But overall i feel that if this phone was having Snap 800 it would have seriously become a futuristic phone but with snap 400 i can't say.


    front camera in Night is just like a cheap camera nothing good deserve a hate.. but in day light it is way way better than 2 or 3 mp camera ..one day i was sitting in the park and was checking rear camera and by mistake i clicked on front camera and it looks so sharp and clear that i was not beleiving that it is just 0.9 mp camera.comming to rear camera its a lumia camera and pureview fantastic camera nothing to say bad about..It is just awsome.


    Yes you will find ample amount of apps of your needs but i am waiting for the day when windows phones will be getting exclusiveness release of biggest games and apps just like now Apple gets and then android.


    Battery life is good..But seriously i have not fully tested the battery am not a heavy user..but average use can make up to 24hrs+ easily..


    If you love Nokia buy it ..If you love Windows Phones buy it.. you can't find the overall better experience in any any Nokia or windows phones.I love Nokia thats why i bought this device as my last loyalty i am not a windows phones lover..My Last Nokia Phone and may be first and Last Windows phone.
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    11-03-2014 02:03 PM
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    Made this thread after realizing there was this dedicated L830 review thread. Oops. =/
    But here's my review, ranging from initial reaction to my reaction 2.5 weeks later to purchasing reaction and what-nots.
    11-04-2014 02:33 PM
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    Here's my opinion on why WP doesn't gain traction: MSFT isn't trying hard enough. They've eliminated the important app gap by releasing a lot of needed apps themselves. And while they are okay at first (better to have a so-so app than no app at all), they haven't been updated to rival those same apps on iOS/Android. It took forever to implement the ability to see photo comments in the Facebook app, let alone finally get the ability to make photo comments.

    Then there are things that WP does amazingly well, courtesy of Nokia's efforts: taking photos (on higher-end models), MixRadio, and HERE. Plus the 2-step physical shutter release is fantastic. Yet nobody knows about this. The carriers (at least here in Canada) don't seem to care about WP devices and try to convince every customer to go with iPhone or Android. Hell, I've even witnessed BB10 being pushed above WP, despite its even lower market share. And while I'm on the topic of WP and Canada, it's hard to take MSFT seriously when the 1020 was the current flagship on offer until 2 weeks ago. We never got the 925 (which would've solved my problems with the 920), the 1520, or the 930. We've finally been graced with the 830 and getting one has been a pain. Nobody in stores seemed to know when it was launching, despite it being announced ahead of time. Many associates didn't know what the hell it even was. I kid you not, I was asked if I was looking for the 635. Yes, I'm just dying to get my hands on the 635. With the amount of hardware problems I've had with my more recent Nokia devices, I've been unwilling to buy grey market imports. No warranty = no thanks.

    MSFT's retail presence in Canada is almost non-existent. Apple is king here. If you have an issue with their devices, most larger cities have an Apple Store that make warranty claims super easy. And to make matters worse, Nokia's warranty in Canada is handled by Flextronics, an utterly incompetent company. My 1020 was sent back as repaired, but the problem wasn't solved. If the tech tested the phone for 30 minutes after the repair (s)he would've noticed this. So I had to complain to Nokia and they told me to send it out again (at my expense again). I was assured that I'd get a brand new 1020 in return. And I did. And it was the wrong colour. And locked to a different carrier. So they wanted it back again, despite me telling them that it's cheaper for me to unlock the one they gave me instead of sending it out again. I've had to take to Twitter, Facebook, and resort to e-mailing Elop to get the whole thing sorted out. They ended up sending me a camera grip for my trouble. I already owned one, but at least I was able to sell the new one eventually to offset my shipping costs.

    I've been a fan of Nokia for over a decade and liked WP7 better than MeeGo or Symbian. So I was willing to suffer through the growing pains. But it's not me that MSFT needs to worry about selling to. The average person would not put up with all of this. They'll abandon WP and won't consider going back.

    MSFT needs to work on improving app quality, releasing timely hardware updates, and most of all - ADVERTISING their product.
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    11-06-2014 10:38 AM
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    Got my 830 from AT&T on 11/7. Here is my 2-1/2 day review. For context, I had a 900, broke the screen, got a 520, upgraded to a 1520 for a weekend before deciding it was too big, switched out for an LG Vigor (mid-range 5-inch), hated Android, went back the 520, and now have the 830. And my wife has a new iPhone 6.

    The body of the 830 is fantastic. I would have preferred the silver frame, but I have to admit that the dark one looks nice. It's kind of like the stuff they made the first-gen Surface out of. It's very classy. Also, the thickness and the weight are much better than the Icon/930. It's really just the right size.

    I'm using the green back. I know that there have been some questions about exactly what color of green it is; I can tell you it is the same eye-searing radioactive green that my 1520 was. Which I like.

    I like having dedicated navigation and camera buttons. They look nicer, are better placed, and are easier to use. However, the navigation buttons are finicky about lighting up. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. This is more odd than annoying, but it makes me think that Denim and/or the firmware might not be completely baked yet.

    The screen looks great. Natural colors, deep blacks, and super smooth. The resolution is good enough that I can't tell the difference between the 830 and 1520. Yes, I know the 1520 has more pixels, but a 5-inch 720p screen looks about the same as a 6-inch 1080p screen from where I'm sitting.

    The screen is responsive without tripping over itself. Where the 1520 felt twitchy, the 830 feels creamy. The on-screen keyboard is a joy to use, and is the perfect size for my moderately fat fingers.

    Performance is good, but not as immediate as the 1520. I've seen "Resuming . . . " a couple of times but never for very long. I don't play games, so I can't comment on gaming performance, but all of the apps pop right up, and embedded videos play smoothly regardless of their source. I no longer feel like a second-class citizen when I find a Youtube clip on a webpage. Also, unlike on the 520, I'm no longer using a long press on the back key to constantly monitor which apps are running. I just let them run naked and free without a care in the world. Cortana is much faster on the 830 than the 520.

    Battery life is decent, but not fantastic. I let screen brightness auto-adjust, and I have used the batter saver app to reduce the number of apps that can suck down juice in the background to less than 10. With those settings and moderately heavy use, I can get through the day on a charge, but not much more than that. If you want a battery that lasts for days, get a 1520.

    I haven't used the wireless charging yet because I don't have a charger (Santa, are you listening? I've been good), so I can't comment on that aspect of the 830. I can say that while I initially though it would be weird to have the charging port on top, it now feels perfectly normal. It's kid of like the toilet paper roll: It works just as well on the top or the bottom, but some people have strong enough preferences that there will always be an argument about it.

    Bearing in mind that i don't know anything about photography, I'll say that the camera is good, but some photos have come out a little bit noisy. It's still better than the LG Vigor, but not as good as as the 1520. All of my favorite camera tools are on the phone, which is namely the auto-fix and filters form Nokia creative studio. One day I will learn more about waht all of those other buttons do. That day is not imminent.

    Reception is great. Wi-fi has the best range of any device in the house, connects quickly, and remembers all of the passwords without issue. I've been really impressed with cellular reception. It's the best of any phone I've ever owned, and it's been tested at the in-laws' not-quite-in-AT&T's-range house in the hills. Phone calls are clear and crisp, and the LTE is speedy and reliable.

    Sound quality is good. The sound through headphones is warmer and richer than the 520, and the speaker is plenty loud.

    The motion tracker does a good job counting steps, but I haven't been motivated enough to actually do any exercise with it yet. I haven't used the Fitbit Flex that came with it, so I'm not sure how well it works. We may strap it on to the four-year-old and see what kind of data we get. I'm pretty sure he gets at least 10,000 steps a day.

    I bought the Incipio Transparent case, which is a soft silicone-style case that was easy to get on and provides excellent protection for both the screen and the small camera hump on the back. It is not, however, actually transparent. It's black, though it shows a little radioactive green around the camera and the speaker. I like it. The buttons are very easy to use with the case on, with no hard pressing required.

    So is it an affordable flagship? Yes, though "Affordable" would have been easier to justify at $400 or less. It may not be the best at everything, but it does everything well and looks great doing it. What makes me really happy is all of the extras: integrated wireless charging, a removable battery, switchable back plates, and expandable storage. Compared to the iPhone, it's not quite as smooth (get rid of the "Resuming . . . " once and for all, MS), but it's every bit as premium in build quality, and it has extras that you can't get on the Apple. If they were the same price, I'd chose the 830. the fact that it's $200 cheaper makes it even better. And compared to Android (even a pretty nice mid-ranger like the Vigor), it's a much better choice. If you absolutely have to have the best photos or battery life, get the 1520 and learn to live with the size. If you absolutely want the most kick-*** processor, get the Icon/930 or the HTC One. But if you want something that works well for everything and is easy on the eyes, wallet, and your pockets, the 830 is the best phone on market right now.
    11-09-2014 10:35 PM
  24. bachansoo's Avatar
    Got my 830 from AT&T on 11/7.
    I bought the Incipio Transparent case, which is a soft silicone-style case that was easy to get on and provides excellent protection for both the screen and the small camera hump on the back. It is not, however, actually transparent. It's black, though it shows a little radioactive green around the camera and the speaker. I like it. The buttons are very easy to use with the case on, with no hard pressing required.
    Can you post pics of the case with the phone? I'm in Canada, but AT&T seems to be the only one listing that case. I'm hoping to get a better look at it.
    11-10-2014 09:03 AM
  25. mddeckie's Avatar
    I've had the 830 from at&t for 5 days now. This is my first windows phone and so far I love it! I have owned 3 iPhones prior to this phone and this is probably the best phone I've owned. I love the UI and the windows phone platform. The live tiles are great and and so is wireless charging and Cortana

    Now for the phone itself,

    The phone is plenty fast for me. I'm not a huge gamer but subway surfer and a few other games load and play just as quick as my gfs iPhone.

    The screen being 720 doesn't bother me. I honestly see no difference between this and a full HD screen. I did a side by side comparison at the windows store with the 830 & and HTC one m8, couldn't see a difference.

    The only negative I can see is the lack off main stream apps, but i knew this before committing to windows phone and honestly its not that big a deal

    Overall on very pleased with the 830. It's a great phone and the 5" screen is perfect
    Last edited by mddeckie; 11-18-2014 at 09:15 PM.
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    11-18-2014 08:57 PM
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