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    Aloha........I would love to love this phone. And I would love to see the Windows Phone "environment" grow with it. I would also love to see my memory capability grow with it as well. That will require the phone "card reader" to function. And it appears that it doesn't. This is a new phone on the AT&T network.

    Here's what I've done thus far: Purchased a new SD card by Transcend 32G. It could not be found in the phone when inserted. I formatted the card on my PC after these failings, readily recognized there....and did a quick format and a soft reset, as well as a Hard Reset. Still the phone would not recognize the Card. More Reading. Back to the PC did a "slow" Format, turned off the phone and did a hard reset. At the large exclamation point I inserted the SD card and pushed the series of buttons to begin the "turning on of the phone". In my earlier formats and resets I didn't attempt to install the card until after the reset had been completed. My thinking in the last instance was "maybe" the phone would re-format the card. At this point I'm thinking this must be a hardware issue. Reader's Bad. Or perhaps there is a "software problem". So I'm wondering if anyone has a potential fix for this, or potential remedies. Or am I reconciled to returning this phone to Nokia. Thanks in advance Mokibrabrant
    10-09-2014 09:52 PM
  2. CyclingGuyNola's Avatar
    Have you tried using a different SD card? Some cards just don't work for everything. I've had it happen numerous times.
    10-09-2014 11:07 PM
  3. mokibrabrant's Avatar
    Thanks for the response.
    I did try two different San Disk cards. Formatted etc. I don't want to foreclose on any possibilities. I've pretty much been absorbed by the efforts I've already taken. But cards "working" has many connotations. I would simply welcome the card being seen. I can cross the "working" bridge once I cross the "seen" bridge. I know what you're saying, I'm hoping to get some ideas here, before I go drop another couple hundred bucks of SD cards or pack this phone up to Nokia. I thought this problem would be defeated: I'm leaning to a card reader problem. I do know that has been an issue with this phone. To what degree I can't say. But I read of one story who needed to send his phone back, got a new phone each time, and each time got a phone that would not read the card. Third Time was the charm for him. Or I could just reconcile myself to a phone with just over of 11 gig of storage. Hopefully something brilliant will appear on this thread. I'm leaning toward failed hardware but would love to learn differently.
    10-09-2014 11:51 PM
  4. TMavC5's Avatar
    Did you go in settings in storage device? This is where you tell it that you want all future apps/photos/music/video to go? You did that and not seeing SD card?
    10-10-2014 10:40 AM
  5. mokibrabrant's Avatar
    No I didn't go specifically there for the answer to this problem. I looked in Storage Sense.........it is there where it states SD Card "not found".......this is also reflected with memory available just above. Where roughly 3.3 Gig is used for the OS apps etc and roughly 11 Gig remain. The Card is not being found and therefore it is not being red. The Card is a 32Gig Transcend and is known to work on this device.

    A little update: I found out this morning, that though the OS indicates Windows 8.1 Cyan........I have learned that this is a "developers preview"........ I've done enough reading to find that this "preview" was attendant with a lot of bugs. And I believe most people, by now have "rolled" back and then went ahead with the "official updates" not available at the time. And apparently for some carriers, still not available.

    As I'm writing this, as a last ditch effort, I am currently downloading the the Official Nokia Recovery Tool, 1.4.5. (?) I will then, roll back to 8.0..........try the card and if that doesn't work, I will then update the phone through AT&T to Windows 8.1 Cyan: This fly's in the face of my "suspicions" of hardware. But if there's a chance I'll take it.

    I also contacted Nokia this morning (Microsoft) fed them my IME and my phone is still under warranty. They have sent me a ship label. And the next step is to wash my hands of this, pack it up and send it off. And get back to real life and let the chip set fall where it may.........I've got a couple of Dell Streaks I can revive, itself a rather quirky phone, and wait for what I'm sure will be a new 1520...........and we'll give it a go again.............thanks to all who have pondered this on my behalf and the best to you all. Funny isn't it, how ultimately these things are presumed to exist to enhance our productivity, our fun, and our communication. And how millions of dollars are spent devising systems and hardware that will somehow complement our personality: And my personality allows me to get hung up on an SD card not being found. When I could probably get by with the 11Gig at least for awhile. But time is of the essence with these things, and if I were to lag, I'd find myself later dealing with the shortage of memory. Probably not a big deal. Shift them to the cloud or the PC. But it's time spent then or time spent now ultimately. These things have a memory card slot for a reason and that reason is because some how, we, the consumer have "implicitly" demanded it. This phone is said to be 129Gig capable. Will I ever use that? Likely not. I remember back in the day, when Samsung had the Windows Phone........the bs some endured with the Focus, and not being able to expand memory without a "proprietary" card: That because Microsoft at the time didn't want there phones with expandable memory. Why? I don't know. But I also notice that many of the newer Computers running Windows no longer come with DVD/drives that write. Why? I also remember when DVD first arrived and to own a machine to write DVD was anywhere from 25K to 35K. Seven years later they were everywhere, in every home and were cheap. Thanks for letting me digress. I've always had a biased distrust of Microsoft. Gates. The Gates Foundation. I'm just a suspicious old dude I guess....................Aloha

    10-10-2014 06:42 PM

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