1. anguilla1980's Avatar
    I'm running the latest Dev preview so I have Cyan.

    I had an event on my calendar for last night. It starting showing the day before, awesome, but today it won't go away. I even restarted the phone, no dice. Deleted yesterdays event from my calendar, still there. WTF? lol.

    Is anyone else having issues with the lock screen and calendar events with Cyan? I did a hard reset after doing the Cyan update and I did not restore from a backup. Also my calendar item in question was one I put into my phones calendar and does not come from my sync'd email account calendar or anything.
    10-14-2014 12:05 PM
  2. anguilla1980's Avatar
    Really, I'm the only one having this issue? It's really ******* me off too. If say I don't want to delete it from my calendar and wait a day, reboot for it to go away, like if it's a recurring thing I need to keep, it doesn't go away until 2 to 3 days after!

    10-27-2014 12:18 PM
  3. jfa1's Avatar
    No the lockscreen seems to hold on to appointments for a day or so past the day they were. I don't bother with it anymore. The thing that annoys me most and its minor to me is the fact that on most screen views the page to the right if there is on intrudes onto the right side of the screen. I wish they would go on and do whatever needs to be done to show the current screen without a band of the right screen. It's like its not centering in the screen.
    10-27-2014 04:42 PM

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