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    So earlier today I jumped on my Alienware earlier today and I had my Nokia Lumia 521 on the bottom right corner sitting there as I edited a video.
    I noticed my pc go black into sleep mode.
    So then I turned my power button and I just thought my NviDia Crashed So I was about to swap graphics cards at startup then I realized It wasn't the computer. I put my phone back into that spot on my pc and resumed editing. About 30 seconds later black screen.
    I knew I had a problem that wasn't my computer.
    I Repeated this step 5 more times this time watching the phone As it lit up my pc shut off. SO WEIRD OMG
    I began to wonder as I removed the case at put it raw on the computer.
    There was a spark between the pc and phone shutting it off.
    Insane Couldn't even believe my eyes.
    My Windows phone puts my pc into sleep mode
    10-17-2014 02:17 AM

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